This part shows the reliable and durable compost turners, granulating machines, auxiliary equipment made by our SHUNXIN company. All the fertilizer machines are produced by the precise calculation of engineers and the professional technology of workers. When you want to customize fertilizer machines  for your fertilizer plants, our factory can meet your requirements. In addition, if you want to build fertilizer plants, our engineers can design the complete production plan and recommend the appropriate fertilizer machine for you. What are you waiting for? Please connect with us as soon as possible.


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Compost Turners

Composting Machines with Different Fermentation Methods

How to make organic waste or raw materials into available fertilizer in a short period? Different from the traditional fermentation method, the composting turner with advanced composting craft will create a good fermentation environment for the raw materials to shorten the fermentation period. Here are windrow compost turner, self-propelled fermenting machine and manure compost turning equipment and so on.


Wet & Dry Granulators for Organic & Compound Fertilizer Production Plants

With the help of granulating machine, it can allow your powdery fertilizer into quality granules. There are many types of pelleting equipment made by FFM factory to choose and use in your granular fertilizer production. In our factory, no matter what you want to use the dry granulating method or wet pelleting craft, we can satisfy your different granulation requirements.


The auxiliary machine plays an indispensable role in the fertilizer production. With the help of auxiliary machine, it can not only improve the working efficiency, but also save the investments of employing workers. At the same time, using the auxiliary machine can also allow you to produce more quality fertilizer products.

Auxiliaries is Equipped with other Main Fertilizer Machines

Production Lines

Choose Most Suitable Production Line Solutions by Your Raw Materials

Our professional engineers can design you with the foremost solutions by your materials and production situation. We can customize the organic fertilizer production line, bio-organic fertilizer manufacturing line, BB fertilizer making line and compound fertilizer production line for you. If you have any need or interest, just feel free connect with our staff.

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