The granulating machine plays an essential role in the process of making bio organic granules. Therefore, our factory has developed and researched the durable making bio organic granules machine. There are five types of granulating machine can be used in bio-organic granular manufacturing plants.


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What Granulating Machine can be Used in Bio-Organic Granular Fertilizer Production?

Flat Die Bio Organic Granulator
Double Roller Bio Organic Making Granules Machine
Bio Fertilizer Disc Granulating Equipment
Rotary Drum Granulating Machine for Sale
Bio Organic Fertilizer Granulator

How Select the Most Proper Granulating Machine by the Moisture Content Bio Organic Raw Materials?

Why more and more People Produce the Bio Organic Granular Fertilizer?

Bio-organic fertilizer can activate soil nutrients, increase the absorption of nutrients by plants, and promote the vegetative and reproductive growth of crops. In addition, bio-organic fertilizer granules can promote the mineralization of soil organic matter, so that organic nutrients can be transformed into nutrients that can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants more quickly.

When you use it as fertilizer, the bio-organic pellets can decompose the organic matter in the soil by microorganisms, and combine with the clay and calcium ions. As a result, the bio-organic fertilizer granules can promote the soil water-stable aggregate structure formation. In other words, the bio granules can enhance the water retention of soil.

The organic matter and beneficial microorganisms contained in the bio-organic fertilizer have a strong adsorption effect on heavy metal ions. That is to say, using the bio-organic granules as fertilizer can reduce the harm of heavy metal to soil and crops.

Bio-organic fertilizer pellets has a repressive effect on the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, it can enhance the stress resistance of crops to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Bio-organic granular fertilizer is made of animal and plant residues (such as animal manure, crop straw) to add functional microorganisms that promote crop growth and inhibit the growth of soil-borne pathogens by using specific bio-technology. What’s more, bio organic granules organically combines organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer and microbial fertilizer to play its comprehensive advantages.

What are the Advantages of Granulator in the Bio Organic Granules Production?

How does the Granulator for Bio Organic Cost?

Different making bio organic granules machines have different prices. However, our factory make sure that you can purchase the durable granulator for bio organic with the favorable price. Because we have our own factory to produce the bio organic pelletizer. That is to say, there is no dealers to earn your money. In addition, our engineers can recommend the most appropriate bio organic granulating equipment by your budget and production information provided. If your budget is limited, the disc granulating for bio organic is your best choice. Using this machine not only can allow you produce bio organic fertilizer granules efficiently, but also save the cost of investment in bio organic granular fertilizer manufacturing. When you have any interest of our bio organic pelleting machine, do no hesitate to contact with our staff.

Why Select the FFM Bio Pelleting Machine Company?

Bio Pellet Machines’ Manufacturer

When you want a durable bio organic granulator to improve the pelleting efficiency in your bio organic granular fertilizer production, the above granulating machines made by FFM factory can meet your requirements. The FFM Heavy Industry has at least 20 years of experience in fertilizer machinery production. In addition, our company has the experienced technique team with excellent engineers and experts. Therefore, we can provide you with the most proper bio organic granulating machine and the foremost advice amid the using machine process. Our company’s business has been involved in South America, Asia, Africa and other regions. Furthermore, we enjoy a good reputation in those regions. If you have any interest of our bio pellet machine, just feel free contact us.

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