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Rotary drum granulator is a machine that can treat materials into pellets with the specified shapes. This machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the compound fertilizer production. Because it is not only suitable for cold and hot granulation, but for mass production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer. The rotary drum pellet machine can also equip with other fertilizer machines to form a complete compound fertilizer production line. If you want a complete compound fertilizer production lines, we can offer you appropriate auxiliary machines by your requirements.


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Top 3 Design Technical Highlights of Rotary Drum Granulator

How does the Rotary Drum Granulator Get the Purpose of Pelleting?

The rotary drum pelletizer adopts a novel and advanced wet granulation method. Before the granulation, you should make your raw material of water content between 20% to 30%. And the wet raw materials enter the driving shaft through the reducer. Besides, in order to ensure that the base fertilizer is fully reacted in chemical way after being wet in the drum body, you should add a certain amount of water or steam in this machine. Consequently, under certain liquid conditions, the material pellets get squeezed into balls by the rotating motion of the rotary drum pelletizer. In order to  beetter know the working principle of rotary drum granulator,  the following video will show the internal structure and appearance of the machine.

How can Our Engineers Make a Reliable Rotary Drum Granulator for You?

Reliable rotary drum pelleting equipment consists of the durable and precision manufactured parts. For the following content, we show the five parts of our rotary drum pelletizer in detail.


Due to the transmission connects different parts of the rotary drum pellet machine, it is one of the essential parts in the rotary drum pelleting equipment. This part uses the high-quality channel steels, which means you can use it for a long time. In addition, the main motor and decelerator installed on the transmission has a strong power, which can make the rotary drum pellet machine work efficiently.

The drum body is the core part in the rotary drum granulator. So, our engineers adopt many designs in this part. The inner lining of drum body employs the special rubber materials. This design not only replaces the previous traditional scraper device, but also prevents wet raw material from corroding the drum body. There are many holes in the outer wall of the cylinder, which can protect the rotary drum pellet machine from raw materials with high moisture content. In addition, in order to increase resistance of granulation process, the inner drum body adopts the baffle design. It can make the raw materials better granulation.

Drum Body
Gear of Rotary Drum Granulator

The gear is fixed on the ring gear around the tube body, which can make the rotary drum pellet equipment run smoothly. In addition, the gears use advanced wear-resistance materials to get rid of the gear defect with short service life.

How to Maintain Rotary Drum Granulator in a Correct Way?

The grease plays a crucial role in the rotary drum granulation machine. Using the quality grease can prolong the service life of drum rotary pellet machine.

  • First, when starting the rotary drum pelletizer, the front gear needs to use dry grease. Besides, you should replace the dry grease every four months.

  • Second, the surface of belt also requires to use dry grease every seven days.

  • Third, the housing of rotary drum pelletizer needs to be replaced with new dry grease every three months.

In addition, maintenance of the rotary drum granulating machine not only adds the grease, but also requires inspection and replacement of other parts. The maintenance method of our rotary drum pelletizer is easy and simple, but you should use correct way to maintain this machine. What’s more, these steps can also extend the span life of rotary drum granulator.

What can the Rotary Drum Granulator do for You in Your Fertilizer Production Line?

Rotary Drum Granulator for Fertilizer Production Line

It can produce the mass production of cold, hot granulation and high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer. Therefore, it is the best choice for your production lines. Whatever in your the compound fertilizer production lines or organic fertilizer production lines, our rotary drum pellet machine can meet your requirements. In addition, using this machine in your production, you can make different fertilizers, including special fertilizer and high nitrogen compound fertilizer whose nitrogen content is above 20%. If you want to purchase this machine for your fertilizer production line, please connect with our staff.

What is the Price of Our Rotary Drum Granulator?

The machine price is an area that all buyers or investors care about. And different specifications of rotary drum pellet equipment have different prices. General speaking, the larger the capacity of the machine, the more expensive the price of the machine. In our factory, there are five specifications of rotary drum granulating machine, they are SXZGZ-1240,1560, 2080, 3201. The SXZGZ-1240 price is relatively cheap, because this specification of rotary drum granulator has a small capacity. Due to capacity of SXZGZ-3201 is the largest one, its price is more expensive. However, the five specifications of roatry dum granulating machine are all factory price. Therefore, our factory will provide you with resonable price for you.

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