Rotary Drying Machine for Sale

Rotary dryer for sale from our factory is an equipment that utilizes heat energy to reduce the moisture of fertilizer raw materials or finished granular fertilizer. For example, after drying, the water content of your organic fertilizer can be decreased by 10%-40%, and the moisture content of your compound fertilizer can be reduced from 20%-30% to 2%-5%. When using this machine, it can help you dry the raw materials of poultry manure, bio-mass pellet, feed pellet and building. What’s more, the rotary drying machine is often equipped with the rotary drum granulator or new type organic fertilizer to improve the quality of finished granules.


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How Many Kinds of Rotary Dryer for Sale from Our Factory?

Our dryer machines have the characteristics of large drying capacity, stable operation and low energy consumption. What’s more, no matter what you have powdery fertilizer or granules fertilizer, our machines can dry materials quickly and perfectly. If you have any interest about our machines, just connect with us immediately.

Rotary Drying Equipment for Powdery Fertilizer
Granular Fertilizer Rotary Dryer for Sale

How to Dry the Raw Materials with High Moisture Content?

Our rotary drying equipment is composed of the cylinder body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device and sealing ring. For the following, there are steps to dry raw materials with high moisture content.

  • First, the raw materials with high moisture content enter the rotary dryer by the transmission device.

  • Second, with the help of the lifting plate installed in the insider of the drying machine, the raw materials is fully in contact with the hot air.

  • Finally, another side of drying machine will discharge the well-dried materials, and then you can get the raw materials with low moisture content.

Top 3 Designed Highlights of Our Rotary Dryer for Sale

How to Maintain the Rotary Dryer?

Make sure that there is enough lubricating oil on the connection points of roller rings and carries rollers.
You should keep dry and clean of the inner cylinder body after using this machine.
To check whether the cylinder section of your fertilizer dryer can rotate flexibly and stably.
You ought to inspect the fixed bolt and anchor bolts of the rotary drying machine.

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