Self-Propelled Composting Machine for Sale

The self-propelled compost turner is a kind of composting equipment used for ground stacking fermentation. This machine combined advanced composting technology, it can make the agricultural waste, poultry manure and other organic waste into quality organic fertilizer under the aerobic fermentation conditions. It is available for mass production in your fertilizer production lines. Our factory can provide two types of self-propelled compost turner. You can find the best composting machine in our factory. While your budget is limited, you can select the moving type compost turner. When you want a composting machine with better environment, the composting machine of crawler type is your best choice.


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Self-Propelled Compost Turner with Wide Applicability

What are the Highlights of Movable Self-Propelled Compost Turner Parts?

The composting machine of moving type adopts advanced microbial aerobic fermentation technology based on the principle of aerobic fermentation. By using this machine, it can create good fermentation conditions for your fertilizer materials. In order to further improve the composting efficiency, our engineers employ the unique design on its components.


Self-pushed composting equipment employs low emissions diesel engineers as its power source. The diesel engine has own front shovels hydraulic system, which can provide sufficient power electricity for self-propelled compost turner.

Rotary Blades

The rotary blades are installed on the frame of self-driven compost turner, which can crush the caked fertilizer materials thoroughly during its turning process.

This design can make your self-pushed composting machine work in different directions, which increases the flexibility with this machine. Weather outdoors or indoors, the compost turner of self-propelled can meet your different requirements.

Wheel Walking Design

What are Capacities of Crawler Type Self-Propelled Compost Turner?

The compost turner of crawler type is a large capacity composting machine, which can be used for large-scale fertilizer production lines. This machine has three specifications, their capacity is 1000-1200m³, 1100-1300m³and 1500 m³respectively. You can choose a proper composting machine by amount of your fertilizer materials. In addition, if you want a small capacity of crawler type compost turning machine, we can provide another mode whose capacity can get 500-700m³ within one hour.

Crawler Type Compost Making Machine

Three Selling Points of Crawler Type Compost Making Machine

Steps of Composting Fertilizer with Our Self-Propelled Compost Turner

What can the Self-Propelled Compost Turner Bring for Your Fertilizer Production?

How to Use the Self-Propelled Compost Turner in a Correct Way?

Can I Get a Quality Self-Propelled Compost Turner with Favorable Price?

Certainly, our factory insists on providing the machine with a preferential price for you. The price of self-pushed composting machine is reasonable by the principle of State Administration for Market Supervision. In addition, there is no dealer to earn your money when purchasing the machine from our factory. When you buy our machine for the first time, our factory will offer you with discounts for new customers. If you want other compost turners, we can also provide the most proper for you. What are you waitting for ? Please contact with our staff as soon as possible.

Self-Propelled Composting Machine with Preferential Prices

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