Dewatering Machine with Structure Diagram

The dewatering machine is often used for dewatering high moisture content organic fertilizer before fermentation. This machine utilizes vacuum force and centrifugal motion to effectively separate water from the liquid. In particular, you can widely use this machine in livestock manure management, including the disposal of cow dung, chicken litter and pig waste. Using the dewatering equipment can help you get the liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer from your poultry manure. As a professional manufacturer, when we produce the dewatering machine, our machines adopt advanced design and high-quality raw materials. You can choose the most proper dewatering machine base on your demands.


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What Benefits Can You Get After Using Our Dewatering Machine?

What Types of Dewatering Machine Can Our Factory Provide for You?

Our engineers adopt the 304 stainless steels on the inside of dehydrator, which design can prolong the span life of our dewatering equipment. In other words, you can use our machine to dispose the high moisture content of raw materials for a long time. The following contents show three kinds of dewatering machines for you. If you want to compost dewatered materials, our factory can recommend compost turner for you.

Screw Extrusion Dewatering Machine

As the name suggests, this machine utilizes the extrusion of screw filter to separate the liquid from raw materials absolutely. For example, the moisture content of cow litter is higher than that of other poultry manure, its moisture content is about 70% to 80%.  After using this dehydrator, you can get the solid cow manure with 30% water content. Furthermore, This extrusion method can retain the nutrients of materials perfectly.

Screw Extrusion Dewatering Machine for Sale
Inclined Sieve Separator Machine with Large Capacity

Inclined Sieve Separator Machine

Have you found a dehydrator that can dispose the large amount of raw materials? We can recommend the inclined sieve dewatering equipment for you. This machine has a larger throughput, its maximum capacity can produce 40m³solid and liquid in one hour. Therefore, the inclined sieve separator machine is suitable for your large-scale fertilizer production lines.

How to Efficiently Reduce the Water Content of Raw Materials?

How Much the Cost of Our Dewatering Machine?

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