Semi-Wet Grinding Machine

The fertilizer crusher machine is an equipment that makes your raw materials into fine powder. This machine is suitable for the matured waster after fermentation and the moisture content of raw materials less than 30%. If you require  a machine to reduce the water content of raw materials, our factory can recommend the dewatering machine. In addition, when we produce fertilizer grind machines, our engineers make the technological process shorter and reduce the equipment investments. Thus, our fertilizer shredder machine is your ideal machine.


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Raw Materials Available for Fertilizer Crusher Machine

Brittle Materials

What Crushers Can You Use in Grinding Compound Fertilizer?

Our factory has three kinds of compound fertilizer crusher, all of which can crush the compound fertilizer materials effectively and immaculately. For the following parts, you can select the best one to help you grind compound fertilizer materials.

Cage Crusher

The cage crusher belongs to the medium-sized horizontal cage bars crushed. The machine employs the principle of impact breaking. In other words, the compound materials are crushed by the impact of outside and inside cage bars rotation in opposite direction. Therefore, the cage fertilizer crusher is also ideal tool for compound fertilizer crushing.

Cage Crushing Machine for Compound Fertilizer
Chain Shredding Equipment for Sale

Chain Shredder

It is available for crushing of block in compound fertilizer production and the crushing of return material in fertilizer production. This chain shredder can be divided into vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain shredder by the different installation ways. Therefore, you can select an appropriate installation method on the basis of your production habit.

Urea Crusher

The urea pulverizer is an irreplaceable equipment in your urea fertilizer production. This machine can crush your urea materials, and then you can mix the urea powder materials with other fertilizer materials for granulating. Moreover,  you can adjust the drum speed and diameter of the crusher to get a suitable crushing degree.

Urea Crusher Designed by FFM Factory

What Types of Fertilizer Crusher Machine Can You Select in Your Organic Fertilizer Production?

New Type Vertical Grinding Equipment

New Type Vertical Crushing Machine

In order to prolong the span life and improve crushing efficiency, our engineers use the special materials on the blade of this machine. Hence, the service life of blade is tripe times more than other common crush materials. What’s more, our engineers also design an inspection windrow on the new type vertical shredder, which can help you observe the crushing process clearly and replace the parts in just 10 minuets.

Semi-Wet Material Crusher

It is available for crushing of high moisture material, like bio-organic compost fertilizer, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, livestock and poultry droppings. Especially, it is a good effect to grind the chicken dung by using the semi-wet materials crusher. Hence, the new type vertical shredder is often used in chicken farm. Moreover, it is not easy to block the materials during the crushing process. It is the best pulverizer for your wet materials.

Semi-Wet Materials Crusher for Sale
Shredding Machine for Straw

Straw Pulverizing equipment

The straw shredder not only  guarantees standard rate of the finished product, but also solves the inconvenience because of finished product with uneven fineness. In addition, you can adjust the degree of wet materials by the automatic control electric heating device. By using this machine, it not only ensures the stability of the discharge molding, but improves the grind efficiency.

What production capacities of fertilizer crusher can you buy from us?

Here shows the fertilizer crusher machine with small capacity and large capacity, which is a representativen of our factory. In addition, you can tell our staff the amount of your raw material, we can recommend the most proper fertilizer shredder for you. The following video will show the finished powdery fertilizer made by chain plate type grinding machine.

For a large amount of compound fertilizer materials, the chain shredder is your best choice. With the help of this machine, you can get 15t quality compound powder fertilizer within one hour.

The urea crusher is suitable for disposing the small amount of urea materials. Its capacity can treat the 2t urea raw materials within one hour.

What is the Price of Our Fertilizer Crushing Machine?

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