How Many Types of Windrow Turner for Sale from Our Factory?

There are two kinds of compost machine using the windrow fermentation way, one is the crawler type compost turner, another is the compost machine of moving type.


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Crawler Type Compost Making Equipment

Crawler Type Compost Turning Machine for Sale

This machine adopts the design of rubber track chassis, which support the whole machine to run stably during working. In addition, our engineers employ hydraulic push plate in the composting machine of crawler type. It is convenient for workers to pile fertilizer material in windrow.

Movable Windrow Turner for Sale

Compared with crawler type composting machine, this machine takes four-wheel walking design. You can drive it move forward, backward and turn around in the windrow fertilizer materials by yourself. In addition, no matter what in the open space or workshop, the moving type composting machine can meet your requirements.

Moving Type Windrow Turner for Sale

Why Using the Windrow Compost Fermentation Method to Manage Organic Waste?

The tradition compost method is to put all raw materials together and wait for fermentation. Using this method will produce a lot of odors and germs and even bring some diseases to animals and humans. Different from the traditional fermentation process, our windrow compost turner uses the fermentation method of windrow. The windrow turner for sale from our factory can use an eco-friendly way to dispose the raw materials. The following contents will show the three benefits when using windrow composting turner.

Windrow Composting Machine is Composting the Chicken Manure in the Chook Farms

This video is windrow composting machine of crawler type to ferment the chicken dung from the chook farms. The windrow compost turner can not only ferment the raw material perfectly and quickly, but also improve your composting fertilizer quality and efficiency. Our factory can offer the windrow composting machine with the best price for your fertilizer production.

Selection Methods of Proper Windrow Composting Machine

How to Produce Quality Fertilizer by Using the Windrow Turner for Sale from Our Factory?

When you pile the fertilizer materials into windrows, like livestock manure or poultry dung, you can adjust the C/N ration of fertilizer materials to 25:1 as much as possible.

Microorganisms need water to grow and breed. Therefore, the windrow fertilizer materials can be composted efficiently and perfectly by water content of fertilizer materials within 50%-70%. The dewatering machine can help you reduce the water content of raw materials effectively.

The more oxygen there is, the faster the microbes grow. Thus, you should turn the windrow fertilizer materials regularly to provide more oxygen for microorganisms.

When the temperature of windrow fertilizer materials reaches 60℃, it is the best time to turn your windrow fertilizer materials by using the windrow composting machine.

Windrow compost turning machine is an irreplaceable machine amid the manufacturing quality fertilizer. Windrow compost turner adopts open-air fermentation method. In other words, you only need to pile the materials into windrow with a trapezoidal section. Then, you can use the windrow composting machine to turn, loosen, and move fertilizer materials. At the same time, you can add some microbial species to create good fermentation conditions. Whereas, if you want to get quality fertilizer materials, you should pay attention to some factors during the process of composting.

How to Judge that the Fertilizer Materials have been Fermented?

When does the fertilizer materials finish its fermentation? You can judge whether the fertilizer materials have been completely decomposed from the six criteria.

A Reliable Windrow Turner in Your Compost Production

The windrow compost machine is an all-in-one machine, which means you can install this machine expediently. This way can minimize the time of plant planning, assembly and commission. In other words, you can use this windrow compost machine in your composting plant as soon as possible. By using the windrow compost turner, it can not only provide favorable fermentation conditions for the fertilizer materials, but also bring quality composted fertilizer materials for you.

Are We the Windrow Turners Dealers?


Absolutely not, the windrow turner for sale from our factory are produced by our own factory. When you purchase our machines, we will delivery machines from our factory directly. We have no dealers in the sales process. What’s more, our factory aims to give the customers a nice experience, so we can offer the excellent service whether it is before or after buying our machines. If you have any purchasing intention about our machines, welcome you to connect with us.

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