Why the Fertilizer Granules Need to Use the Drum Coating Machine?

Drum Coating Machine for Processing Fertilizer Granules

The drum coating machine is an equipment that can help you form a protective film on the surfaced of fertilizer to isolate the air. Using the drum coating machine can not only protect fertilizer pellets from agglomeration, but also improve the surface smoothness. In addition, the drum coat equipment can help you preserve the quality of finished granules during the storage and transport. When you use this quality fertilizer pellets in crops, it can increase your crops yield.


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Three Features of Our Drum Coating Machine

Where Can You Use Our Drum Coating Machine?

You can use it in your compound fertilizer lines and organic fertilizer lines. Whether it is compound fertilizer granules or organic granular pellets, using our drum coating equipment can help your fertilizer particles process higher quality fertilizer pellets. In addition, it can increase the coating of your compound powder and organic powder. This machine can be used alone or equip with fertilizer screening machine. If you need a screening machine, we can provide you with the most proper one. The following video will help you know the detailed working process of drum coating equipment.

What Kind of Materials Can be Uses in the Drum Coating Machine?

Blocking materials include sulfur, tree branches and wax. When you feed these three materials into the drum coating equipment, after coating, you can get the waterproof fertilizer granules.

Waterproof Materials
Colorants Materials

Drum coating equipment can meet your requirements for producing colored fertilizer pellets. With the help of our machine, it can make your colorant evenly cover with the surface of granular fertilizer.

Sending the trace elements to the drum coating equipment can not only help you extend the shelf life of fertilizer pellets, but help you boost the smooth degree of fertilizer granules.

Trace elements

The drum coat equipment is widely available. You can add different types of raw materials in proportion to get special fertilizer pellets. No matter what kind of pellets you want to produce, this machine can meet your different requirements. When you are interested in our drum coating machine, please feel free to connect us.

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