Chicken Manure Fertilizer Machine for Pelleting

Chicken manure pellet equipment is a granulator that dispose the chook dung into organic fertilizer granules. With the help of this machine, it can help you utilize and recycle the chicken dung. From the chicken feces pellets, you can get the commercial and agriculture purpose. That is why increasingly people dispose the chicken waste into organic fertilizer granules.  When you want to start a fertilizer manufacturing business, it will be a wise chocie for you to make organic fertilizer granules by using chicken dung.

How to choose the best one from these popular machines? We provide a reference for you. You can select the suitable chicken manure fertilizer granulation machine from machine capacity, pellet diameter, rate of finished product, chicken manure moisture content and pellet shapes. In addition, these chicken manure granulators can equip with other fertilizer machines to form a complete granulation production process. When you want to equip with other machines, we will provide other auxiliary fertilizer equipment for you.

Chicken Manure Granules

Why So Many People Turn Chicken Litter into Pellets Fertilizer?


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Top 3 Wet Fertilizer Graulators for Chicken Manure Management

Drum Granulator for Disposing the Chicken Manure for Sale

The drum chicken dung pelletizer has a larger capacity. Its maximum throughput can process 90t chicken litter into 20t chicken fertilizer granules. So, many clients select this machine in their large chicken dung production line. When you want to produce chicken manure pellets with large scale, this machine is your best choice.

Rotary Drum Granulating Machine for Chook Dung
Disc Granulator for Chicken Manure with Small Capacity

Chicken Manure Disk Chook Pelleting for Sale

The disc granulator is popular with small-scale production customers, which its minimum capacity can product 1.5t chicken fertilizer pellets. If you want to treat small amount of chicken dung, disc granulator is your appropriate choice. Meanwhile, compared to the other three granulators, its price is the most economical. Thus, for customers with limit budgets, the chicken manure pan granulator will be your best choice.

New Type Chicken Manure Pellet Machine for Sale

Through the friction force between the new developed granulator’s stirring tooth and the inner wall of cylinder, you can get chicken litter pellets with 20-25 N strength. Generally speaking, the harder chicken manure pellets, the longer storage time and easier transportation. Furthermore, you can get over 0.9t chicken dung pellets if you add one-ton chook feces materials in the new type granulator. Using this machine can you not only get more finished chicken manure pellets, but have harder quality chicken manure fertilizer granules.

New Type Granulating Machine

How to Make Chicken Feces Pellets with Dry Granulator?

Chook Manure Flat Die Pelleting Machine

Flat Die Pelleting Equipment for Chicken Dung Management for Sale

How to use flat die chicken dung pelletizer? Under the action of pressing rollers and molds, chicken dung is squeezed into quality chicken fertilizer pellets. This extrusion method can preserve the nutrients of chicken dung. If you want to get quality chicken manure granules, the flat die chook dung granulator is your best choice. Moreover, this machine adopts the dry method, which requires your chicken manure within 10% to 15% moisture content.

How can You Select the Proper Chicken Manure Pelleting Equipment from the above Machines?

After introducing the four kinds of popular chicken manure pelletizer, do you know how to choose the suitable machine for you? The following contents will provide a reference for you.

From the small scale production, you can choose disc chicken dung granulator with minimum capacity of 1.5t chicken dung. In a large scale production, we can provide drum chicken litter pelletizer for you. Its maximum capacity can dispose 60t chicken manure in one hour. So, you can choose the proper machine by the amount of chicken dung.

Each customer has different requirements of pellet diameter. When you need chicken dung granules with 0.3-2mm diameter, drum chicken dung pelletizer is your suitable choice. The chicken manure pellets produced by new type granulator can satisfy your requirements of 3-5mm diameter. We offer flat die chook litter granulator that produces pellets of 4-10mm diameter.

You can get the spherical pellets and cylinder granules by using our machines. The next parts will show the use of these tow shapes pellets, you can choose machine by your particle shape requirements.

New type chicken granulator has higher throughput. This means, the same amount of chicken manure is used for granulation, and the finished granules made by using this machine than those made by other machines. However, this machine consumes lots of energy when disposing the chicken litter. If you require a granulator with low-energy consumption, drum chicken waste pellet machine is your best choice.

You can choose the proper chicken waste pelletizer by water content of chicken dung. When your chicken manure of moisture content is between 10% and 15%, you can use the flat die chicken litter granulator. The remaining three machines can help you dispose the chicken dung water content between 20%-30%.

You can Select the Proper Chicken manure Pelleting Equipment in a Target Manner

For different processing volumes of chicken manure, we can offer two kinds of machines for you. When you have many chicken dung to dispose, you can select the drum chicken manure pelletizer. As you require a small capacity granulator, the disc chook litter granulator is your best choice.

If you have requirements for the size of chook manure granules, there are three machines to select. The drum chicken dung pelletizer can meet your needs of 0.3-2mm pellet diameter. If you want to chicken dung pellets with 3-5mm diameter, the new type chicken manure granulator is your best choice. In addition, this machine can also meet your needs of producing more finished chicken fertilizer granules.

Aim at your requirements of granulation method, you can use the wet or dry way to dispose the chicken dung. When the moisture content of your chicken manure gets the standard of wet method, you can use disk chicken manure granulating equipment, drum chicken waste pelletizer and new type chook litter granulator.

The flat die chicken waste granulator can meet your dry granulation requirements, it can also satisfy your needs of cylinder chook litter granules. If you want spherical chicken manure pellets, you can select the proper one from disc chicken waste granulator, drum chook dung pellet equipment, and new type granulator for chicken manure pelleting.

Why Produce the Spherical Chicken Dung Pellets?

Three Types of Chicken Dung Spherical Granules

Why Make the Fertilizer Granules into Cylinder Shape?

Chicken Manure Granules Made by Flat Die Granulator

Where can You Use the Chicken Manure Pelleting Equipment?

Chicken manure granulator manufactured by our factory can be used in many places, including chicken farm, manure fertilizer production line and other animal farms. No matter where you use it, you can get the quality organic fertilizer pellets, which will also bring economic benefits.

Do you handle the chicken manure piled up in a corner of your chicken farm? When your chicken dung is untreated, the chickens on your chicken farm will be threatened by bacteria and parasites. With the growth of bacteria and parasites, there is a bad smell in your chicken farm. Chicken manure pelleting equipment is available for your chicken farm manure disposal. Through this method to treat the chicken dung, you can get the quality chicken manure granules.

The chicken manure granulator can make your powder material into quality organic fertilizer pellets. This machine can equip with other machines to complete the pelleting craft. Aim at the production lines of different scales, our fertilizer machine manufacturer can offer different machines. For your small scale production lines, we can provide the disc chicken manure for you. If you have a large scale dung fertilizer production line, the drum chook poo pelletizer is your best choice. Using this machine on your machine fertilizer production lines, it can improve your work efficiency.

Chicken litter granulator has a wide applicability in other animal farms. Regardless of cattle farm, pig farm and sheep farm, you can use our machine to dispose the dung. When you using the chicken dung pelletizer , it can make them dung into fertilizer pellets. When you have various poultry in your farms, this machine can help you to treat various dung.

To Make Quality Layer Pellets, What Other Fertilizer Machines can You Use?

The quality chicken dung pellets can bring you economic interests. If you want to produce quality organic fertilizer, in addition to the granulator, you had better require other auxiliary equipment. The following parts show some machines for you.

Dewatering Machine Designed by FFM Factory

Dewatering machine

Because of the fresh chicken manure contains lots of water, it is not possible to dispose chicken dung directly. After using dehydrator, the moisture content of chook poo can reach the pelleting standard. If the water content of chicken manure is moderate, you can use disc chicken dung granulator, drum chook poo pelletizer for wet disposal way. While the water content of chicken litter is low, flat die chicken waste pelletizer with dry method is your bets choice.

Composting Equipment

After dewatering, the chook feces will contain harmful substance. For getting chicken litter of pure nutrients, you can use the composting machine to make your chicken litter ferment and sterilize. After the composting, the pure chicken waste can make into quality chicken fertilizer pellets.

Groove Type Compost Turner for Chook Feces
Semi-Wet Material Crushing Machine

Crushing Equipment

After composting, pure chicken dung also has caked fertilizer. In general, the finer the chicken manure powder, the higher the quality of the chicken manure particles made by chicken manure pelletizer. Therefore, it is necessary to crush the caked chicken dung. In our factory, we can provide you with new type vertical crusher, semi-wet material crusher, cage crusher. You can choose the appropriate crusher.

Mixing Machine

How to make the chicken dung organic animal fertilizer pellets? You can add some microbial inoculum in the crushed chicken dung. In order to get the finer organic fertilizer powder, we can offer the mixing machine for you. When using this machine, it can mix chook feces and additive evenly.

Chicken Manure Double Shafts Horizontal Mixing Machine

Why Select Our SX Chicken Manure Pelleting Equipment?

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    • Cow Farm: ≥500 cows
    • Pig Farm:≥1000 pigs

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