Bentonite belongs to a kind of nonmetallic mineral, which has great use value for plants and soil. Bentonite is often used as soil amendment and fertilizer conditioner. What’s more, bentonite used as fertilizer can not only avoid damage to soil compactness and soil sustainability, but also effectively increase the yield of crops and lands. Therefore, the bentonite fertilizer is popular with agriculture. If you want to produce bentonite fertilizer or start bentonite business, we can recommend the bentonite granulating machine for you. By using this machine, it can make your bentonite materials into quality bentonite granules. This form is convenient to transport and storage for a long time.


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Top 2 High Performance Granulator for Bentonite Granular Production

Pan Granulator for Bentonite Production
Bentonite Double Roller Granulator

What is the Method of Producing Quality Bentonite Pellets?

Different granulating machines for bentonite production have diverse granulation method. However, no matter which granulator you use, you will get quality granular bentonite fertilizer that meets the market demands. The following content shows that how to make quality bentonite granules by using our granulating machine.

Pan Bentonite Granulator with Wet Technology

  • First, you just require to add the bentonite materials about 25% moisture content from the feeding port.

  • Then, utilizing the centrifugal force can make the materials into bentonite granules during rotating pan of disc granulation operation.

  • Third, when the bentonite granules get the certain volume or enough heavy, the finished granules will be discharged under the action of centrifugal force.

In order to make better quality bentonite granules, this machine is equipped with spray device. You can add the water or adhesive by observing the situation of bentonite granules during the process of granulation. When you use it for large scale granular bentonite production, we can provide you with the drying machine and cooling equipment. These machines can help you dispose the granulated bentonite fertilizer perfectly and quickly.

Dry Craft of Double Roller Pelletizer

By using the granulating machine of double roller, the bentonite granules can be produced by using dry extrusion method. When you feed the bentonite materials into this machine, the roller will press the powders into tablets due to its strong extrusion force. Then the large tablets fall into the crushing room of double roller bentonite making granules machine. This room will crush and pellet the bentonite materials into granules. Consequently, you can get dry bentonite granules of oblate circular shape. When you want to screen different sizes of finished bentonite granules, the fertilizer sieving machine is your best choice. If you want to consult us, just feel free contact with us.

What are the Different Applications of Bentonite Fertilizer Granules?

As a Binder

Bentonite is the best binder material in the granulation process of compound fertilizer. It has the characteristics of good cohesiveness, thixotropy, lubricity, absorption and swelling. After the use of bentonite in compound fertilizer only requires 5-8%, the production speed of compound fertilizer is significantly increased by more 95%.

As a Conditioner

The bentonite can be used as a compound fertilizer conditioner. When you add the bentonite fertilizer in the fertilizer, it can not only reduce the water content of fertilizer, but also prevent the fertilizer from agglomerating. Therefore, in order to keep the fertilizer in good condition, bentonite is usually added to the fertilizers when they are transported and stored for a long time.

As an Amendment

When the bentonite is applied to agriculture soil as a fertilizer carrier, it can change the ration of solid, liquid and gas in the soil. In other words, using the bentonite can loosen the soil to improve the physical properties of the soil. In addition, the bentonite can improve the water retention capacity of soil to increase the growth rate and yield of crops.

What Steps are Required before Making Bentonite Granules?

The steps of before granulating will have an effect on the granulation result of bentonite. In order to produce quality bentonite granules, it is necessary to make a thorough preparation before granulating. The following content shows the detailed preparation procedures before making bentonite pellets.

Crushing Process

The fertilizer grinding machine plays an irreplaceable role in the pulverizing process. With the help of crushing machine, the bentonite raw materials will become finer powder fertilizer. Generally speaking, the finer the bentonite powder, the higher the quality of the bentonite particles produced. Therefore, the crushing equipment is necessary in the bentonite granular fertilizer processing. We can recommend the new type vertical crusher and semi-wet materials pulverizing equipment for your bentonite granular fertilizer production. If your raw materials of bentonite contain impurity blocks, the screening machine made by our factory is your best choice.

New Type Vertical Bentonite Making Powder Machine

Mixing Process

If you want to improve the bentonite granular fertility, you can add other organic fertilizer, sodium silicate and sodium carbonate in the crushed bentonite fertilizer. When using the fertilizer mixing equipment, these raw materials can be blended perfectly and evenly. Moreover, if you want to get various types of granular bentonite fertilizer, you can add the different types of raw materials by formula. There are horizontal mixer, double shaft horizontal blending equipment and singe shaft mixer equipment to choose. You can select the most appropriate mixing machine by your production situation. And it is the best time for you to send the mixed bentonite materials into the granulating machine.

Mixing Machine for Crushed Bentonite Fertilizer

Design Highlights of Bentonite Making Granules Machine

Where can you Purchase Bentonite Granules Making Machine with High Performance?

FFM Factory of Excellent Service

If you require a granulating machine for bentonite granules production, we can recommend the Fertilizer Factory Machine (FFM) Heavy Industry Factory. Our factory will provide the durable bentonite granulating machine with favorable price. On the one hand, there are professional and trained engineers and workers to design and produce granulating machine for bentonite production. Moreover, we employ precision and reliable raw materials and components during the manufacturing bentonite making granules machine. On the other hand, we have our own factor to make bentonite granulator. That is to say, there is no dealers to rise in price of bentonite pelleting equipment. What’ s more, you will enjoy new customer discount when purchasing the granulating machine for bentonite from our FFM company. If you have any interest, just feel free contact with us.

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