Our factory has rotary drum granulator, new type organic fertilizer pelletizer and disk granulator. Compared with the drum granulator and new type organic fertilizer pelletizer, disc granulator has a simple structure. Because its structure is like that of the plate, it also called disc granulator and plate ball. Although this machine is simple in structure, it has a wide availability. The pan granulator can help you make chemical granules, pharmaceutical pellets and metallurgical particles. At the same time, it is one of the essential and indispensable equipment for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Many customers apply pan granulator in their organic fertilizer production lines and compound production lines. What’s more, the granulation rate of disc pellet equipment can reach up to 93%. So it can help you improve the production efficiency to a large extent!


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What the Types of Pan Granulators are Available for Granulating in Our Factory?

The plate granulator of our factory can meet your different requirements. There are three kinds of plate granulator to select, they are laboratory pan granulator, disk organic fertilizer pelletizer and pan compound fertilizer pellet equipment.

Laboratory Pan Granulator

Are you an expert on the study of fertilizer pellets? Are you upset because you can’t buy a suitable laboratory granulator? In our factory, we can provide the pan pellet machine for you. This machine has a small capacity, its minimum throughput can process 1.5t raw material into 0.5t fertilizer granules. Its small capacity can meet your requirements for producing fertilizer granules in your laboratory. Besides, it also has a small cover area. There is no need to worry about the pan granulator occupying a lot of space in your laboratory.

Laboratory Plate Pelleting Equipment
Pan Granulator for Organic Fertilizer

Disc Organic Fertilizer Pelletizer

Because the disk pellet machine can dispose a variety of organic fertilizers raw material, it is very popular with organic fertilizer users. Whatever the raw material is the chicken dung or cattle litter, pig manure or sheep waste, using this machine can make these dung into quality organic fertilizer pellets. In your poultry farm, the disc organic fertilizer pelletizer is the best choice for you in manure disposal.

Pan Compound Fertilizer Pellet Equipment

The pan compound fertilizer pelletizer is one of the crucial machines in compound fertilizer production. It can produce different types of fertilizer pellets, including the rare earth pellets, bentonite granules and NPK fertilizer particles. By using this machine, you can get various compound fertilizer pellets.

Compound Fertilizer Disc Granulating Equipment

How Pan Granulator can Help You to Get the Fertilizer Pellets?

The plate pelletizer machine is composed of large pan, scraper, base, outlet, decelerator, motor and gear. If the machine starts, the main gear drives the entire disc under the combined action of belt, gear and decelerator. When the raw materials are fed from the inlet of pan granulator, the raw material will be bonded with the water or steam sprayed from the spray device. The fertilizer pellets are made by the continuous rotation of plate. When the pellets size is large enough, the finished fertilizer pellets will leave the pan granulator through the outlet. Therefore, you will get the quality fertilizer pellets by using a disc granulator.

How can We Manufacture a Reliable Pan Granulator for You?

The precision and durable parts of machine can form a reliable machine. Therefore, our engineers pay attention to the part design of the disc granulating equipment when manufacturing the plate pelleting machine. They employ many elaborately produced in the parts on this machine, which will bring you a good experience. For the following content, we will show the parts design of pan granulation in detail for you.

Scraper of Disc Granulator

The scraper device is installed on top of granulator plate. It consists of a no-powdered combination scraper and a corner cleaning scraper. It can help you clean the bottom of plate pelletizer. During the granulation, the raw materials will stick to the wall of granulator or block the discharge port, using a disk pelletizer with a scraper can help you solve these problems.

The pan is the one of essential parts in the pan pelletizer. And the structure and design of pan will affect the fertilizer pellets quality. Thus, our engineers adopt four special designs in this part. First, the granulating plate of disk pelletizer adopts the whole circle arc structure. Second, the lining of pan is made of high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic. And this material is different from ordinary steel with a high corrosion resistance. Third, the bottom of disc uses multiple radiation steel plate to reinforce, thus it is sturdy and durable. Due to these special materials, there is no doubt the pan will never be deformed. Finally, the edge of disc granulator adopts flange design, which can prevent the finished fertilizer granules from scratch in the side of the plate. This means that by using the disk pellet machine, you can get the quality fertilizer pellets.

Pan of Plate Pelleting Machine
Base of Whole Machine

In order to maintain the stability of disc granulator in operation, this machine is equipped with a thick and heavy base. Is it complicated to install this base? Of course not, we don’t need to use anchor bolts when installing this base. This design makes the steps of fixing this machine quickly and conveniently. What’s more, we use radiation plate to further reinforce the stability of this machine.

The motor of disk pellet machine provides power for this machine running. We adopt the powerful and efficient motor in this part. However, different models of pan granule making machine have different motors. When you want to know the motor sizes and models of our machines, you can contact with us.

Motor of Disk Pelletizer

What are the Highlights of Quality Pan Granulator?

Our engineers pay attention to the research and upgrade of pan granulator, after this process, the plate granulator made by our engineers has three advantages.

What Details should be Focused on when Using the Pan Granulator?

Pan Granulator Price Advantages Over Other Types of Fertilizer Granulators’

Disc Granulator Produced by FFM Factory

Compared with other companies, our pan pellet machine is economical and affordable. For one thing, due to its small capacity and volume, the cost of plate pelletizer is lower than other granulators, such as drum pelletizer and new type pellet machine. For another, our machines have no dealers. In other words, when you purchase our disc granulator, we deliver your machine form our factory directly.When you require to know the quotation, you can communicate our staff immediately.

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