Compaed with the poultry manure composting machine, manure composting machine has a wide applicability that can dispose various manure. Whether disposing the poultry manure or livestock manure, our manure composting equipment can meet your requirements. By using our manure compost turner, you can get quality manure fertilizer in a short period. If you want to use manure fertilizer to get its commercial purpose, it also can satisfy your needs. What are you waiting for? Let’s choose the most suitable machine for you.


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What Kind of Manure Composting Equipment can We Provide?

Manure Groove Type Compost Turner

Manure Groove Type Composting Equipment

Because this machine ferments and turns manure in the groove, it is suitable for workplaces with fermentation grooves. Groove type composting machine has double-groove type and half-groove type to meet your different requirements. What’ s more, this machine can be equipped with the conveyor devices to expand its output.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot for Manure

Compared with three kinds of fermentation method, organic fertilizer fermentation pot can provide a close and natural fermentation environment for manure. In order to improve the composting efficiency, you can also add 100 kg of fermenting bacteria per ton of manure. After 10-15 days, the manure can be fermented perfectly and completely.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank
Manure Wheel Type Composting Machine

 Manure Wheel Type Compost Turner

Do you want to dispose a large amount of  manure at once? If you need, we can provide you with wheel type compost turner. It can ferment 720m³ manure efficiently in one hour. The wheel type composting equipment is suitable for large span fermentation, which its longest turning width can get 30meters.

Windrow Composting Machine for Horse Manure

For increasing the flexibility of this machine, windrow compost turners adopt walking design, which can move forward, backward and turn around. No matter what you want to use it in  or near the horse farms, this machine can meet your needs. Our factory has two types of windrow compost turner. When your budget is limited, movable compost turner is your best choice. When you want to compost horse manure in bad weather, you can choose crawler type composting equipment.

Movable Compost Turner for Sale

What the Superiority of Using Our Compost Machine to Manage the Manure?

How to Compost Manure for Commercial Purpose by Using Our Compost Turner?

The quality manure fertilizer can bring you economic benefits. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of manure, the higher its commercial value. There is no doubt that the quality manure fertilize not only requires a composting machine, but also needs other fertilizer machine to handle the manure. For the following parts, we provide a reference to get economic benefits from manure.

Manure Dewatering Machine
Making Manure Powder Machine
Mixing Machine for Manure
Packing Machine

How to Prolong the Span Life of Our Manure Composting Equipment?

How to Produce a Reliable Manure Composting Equipment in Our Fertilizer Company?

How Much can You Spend to Buy Our Manure Compost Turner?

The price of machine is what the investors and users are most concerned about. Our machines deliver from our own factory directly, that is to say, there is no dealers to earn money during the transaction. In addition, different manure composting different manure composting equipment has diverse prices. When you purchase our machine, you should tell us which types of compost making machine you want.

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