For the most farmers and investors, using poultry manure to compost is the first choice. On the one hand, poultry manure contains more multiple nutrient elements. For instance, the nutrient content of chicken litter involves organic matter about 50%, nitrogen about 1.63.%, phosphorous about 1.54% and potassium about 0.83%. On the other hand, the cost of animal dung is relatively low when you use poultry manure to compost. The following parts will show three fermentation methods and corresponding compost turners. Using our animal litter composting equipment can not only inactivate the parasite and infection bacteria from poultry dung, but create fermentation conditions for your poultry dung. If you want to improve the quality of composted poultry feces, you had better use dewatering machine to reduce the moisture content of your animal dung.


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Three Fermentation Methods and Corresponding Manure Composting Machines

Our composting machine for poultry manure can shorten the fermentation period, improve the composting quality. Moreover, different fermentation methods have different composting machines. For the following parts, we can provide references for three fermentation methods and corresponding composting turner to dispose your poultry dung.

Groove Compost Turner for Poultry Manure
Chain Plate Composting Equipment
Poultry Wheeled Composting Turning Machine
Moving Type Compost Turner for Poultry Manure
Crawler Type Composting Equipment
Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot
In-Vessel Composting Poultry Dung Tank

What is the Process of Composting Poultry Manure by Using Our Composting Turner?

You can compost poultry manure indoors or outdoors. The poultry dung can be piled crushed in long windrows shape, and its height and width of windrow are determined by your production workplace. It is also suitable for groove composting method and organic fertilizer fermentation way. For different composting forms, our factory can provide you with diverse compost turners for poultry dung.

Some microorganisms and fermentation bacteria can be added in poultry manure. With the addition of microorganisms, you can get a suitable C/N rate of poultry poo. The common and mostly used fermentation bacteria includes bacillus and bacillus lichen, which can make poultry dung composted better. Furthermore, you can also add the humic acid to enhance the composting efficiency.

Get a Suitable CN Rate of Poultry Manure

With the help of our composting making machine, you can regularly complete the steps of mixing, turning, loosening and moving on the poultry waste. When the temperature of compost windrow gets 65 ℃ to 70 ℃, you can compost the poultry manure with 2-3 times in one day. Repeat this frequency on weak later, you can use the composting turner to turn them once for 2-3days.

Temperature of Poultry Dung Compost

How to judge the animal litter has been fermented and composted?

When the temperature and volume of poultry dung windrows no longer reduced, you will get the composted poultry manure. The animal poo can be completely composted within 20-30days by using our composting turner.

Three Benefits of Using Our Quality Poultry Dung Composting Equipment

Durable Machine

The quality compost turner made by our factory can help you to dispose the animal poo efficiently and bring economic benefits from your poultry dung.

Less Wasting

By using our compost turner, it can not only take full advantage of poultry manure, but also help you get quality composted fertilizer materials from your poultry dung.

Simple Operation

Our composting turner requires at most one person to help you complete the fermentation works of your poultry dung. This means, you can save the costs of labors.

Why Our Factory can Provide the Poultry Manure Compost Turner with Competitive Price?

When we manufacture the composting turner, we aim to customize a well experience whether in terms of quality or price. For the following parts, you can know the reasons that our factory can offer a composting machine for poultry manure with competitive price.

  • First, we distributive our workers to each position reasonably during producing the compost turners. This way can save some labor costs and some resources.

  • Second, the poultry manure composting turning machine has a short production period. That is to say, the expenditure of water, electricity, workers and experts are economized.

  • Finally, we have our own factory to produce composting machine for poultry dung. On the one hand, the custodian fee of composting machine is low spending. On the other hand, we can deliver the composting turner for animal poo from our factory. In other words, there is no dealers to earn your money.

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Poultry Composting Machine Made by FFM Factory

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