Situation Treatment of Pig Litter in the Most Areas of the World

3D Diagram of Pig Waste Disposal System

In terms of statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organic of the United Nations show that the pig numbers are increasing in the most regions of the world. Because it is main source of protein of the human population. Meanwhile, pig dung is also increasing in the world. However, many individuals randomly pile pig litter in the corner or bury it in the lands. This way not only causes the land to be over-saturated with nitrogen and phosphorous, but causes root system of the plants or crops to be destroyed or even die. With the help of our pig waste disposal system, it can help you solve the problems from pig litter. What’s more, after disposing, you can recycle and utilize the pig dung. We can offer you with the most proper pig waste disposal system.


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Which Pig Waste Disposal System can be Used on Your Pig Farms?

As a professional fertilizer machinery manufacturer, we can recommend four pig waste disposal systems for you. These management methods of pig litter can not only make the swine waste into effective fertilizer, but solve the problems caused by swine manure in an environmentally friendly method. You can choose the most proper pig waste disposal system by the following contents.

What is the Using Guide of Our Granular Pig Waste Disposal System?

The composted pig dung fertilizer can be directly used as fertilizer, which is an economical and simple management method. Why so many people still turn pig manure into swine litter granules? Compared with the composted pig dung fertilizer, the swine waste fertilizer pellets not only convenient for long term transportation and storage, but also you can get economic benefits from these quality granules. There is a complete pelleting pig feces treatment system for your reference.

New Type Vertical Crusher for Pig Manure
Rotary Drum Granulating Machine
Drying and Cooling Machine for Granules Pig Waste
Packing Machine with PLC Control System

How to Produce Bio-Organic Fertilizer by Using Pig Waste Disposal System?

The composted swine feces fertilizer contains pure organic matter and nutrients, which is good material for making bio-organic fertilizer. What’ more, the fertility of swine manure bio-organic fertilizer is better than that of pig waste fertilizer. When making bio-organic fertilizer, you can add the ingredients of bacillus and fugal spore in swine feces powder fertilizer. Under the action of our mixing machine, it can mix the pig powder fertilizer with these ingredients evenly and perfectly. We can recommend you with horizontal mixer, singe shaft mixer and disc mixing equipment.

Horizontal Mixing Equipment for Pig Litter
Pig Waste Single Shaft Mixer
Pan Fertilizer Mixer for Sale

Composting Pig Waste Disposal System

Pig Waste Disposal System of Auxiliary Materials

Pig Waste as Auxiliary Materials

The swine poo content is about 15%, nitrogen content is about 0.5%, phosphorus content is about 0.5-0.6 % and potassium content are about 0.35-0.45%. Based on these data, the ration of C/N is small, about 14:1, which is generally easy to be decomposed by microorganisms. Therefore, swine dung is often used as an auxiliary material to adjust the uneven composition of other fertilizers, like cat litter and cow feces.

How to Install the Processing Fertilizer Machine Used in the Pig Waste Disposal System?

There are almost all-in-one machines produced by our factory, which is convenient to install and disassemble. However, if you require professional installation suggestions, our factory can also provide for you.

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