NPK granulation plant is a specialized production line for producing quality NPK fertilizer granules. What’s more, the NPK making granules machine plays an irreplaceable role in the process of making granular NPK fertilizer. Therefore, when you want to build NPK pelleting plants, it is necessary to purchase the most proper granulation. In our Fertilizer Factory Machine (FFM) Heavy Industry, we can provide a variety of NPK granulating equipment for you. Using our high performance NPK granulator can not only make the powdery NPK Fertilizer into quality compound fertilizer granules in a shorten time, but also help you get more profit from the NPK fertilizer granules.


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What are the Popular Pelleting Methods in the NPK Granulation Plant?

In the NPK granulation plant, two granulation crafts are commonly used to produce NPK fertilizer granules. Moreover, no matter which granulation process you use, you can get the quality NPK fertilizer pellets in a shorten period.

When using the dry pelleting craft in the NPK granulation plant, this method requires the NPK raw materials with 5-10% moisture content. The NPK raw materials with this moisture range can be perfectly granulated in quality finished NPK products. When using the dry granulation method, there is no need to add the adhesive and additive liquid in the NPK fertilizer materials amid the processing of granulation. At the same time, using the dry granulation way can eliminate the need for separate moisture addition and material drying stages. Therefore, it is widely used in the NPK fertilizer plant due to its convenient granulation process. We can recommend the double roller pelleting machine for your NPK granulation plant.

The difference between dry and wet granulation techniques is the water content of the NPK fertilizer raw materials. The NPK fertilizer materials with 20-40% moisture content are suitable for employing wet granulation process. In other words, you can add the liquid (such as, isopropanol or adhesion agent) to improve the quality of finished NPK fertilizer pellets during the wet pelleting granulation process. It is a remarkable fact that you had better prepare volatilizable and nontoxic liquid. As a professional fertilizer machinery manufacturer, our engineers have designed and produced the pan type of granulating machine and rotary drum pelleting equipment. You can choose the most appropriate making granules machine for you NPK granular fertilizer production.

What the NPK Granulating Machine can be Used in the NPK Fertilizer Granulation Plant?

In recent years, the granulating machine for NPK fertilizer has appealed to a lot of customers and investors to purchase it. What are you waiting for? The following content shows the three kinds of newly developed NPK fertilizer making granules machine.

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

The pelleting machine of double roller adopts the eugenics formula to make NPK fertilizer granules, which means that the finished compound pellets are rolled and formed at one time in the room temperature. The quality of granulated NPK fertilizer granules will satisfy the requirements of compound fertilizer technology in the market. When using the double roller granulator in the NPK granulation plant, there are a number of options for NPK granules shapes, including pillow shape, semicircle shape, stick shape, pill shape, walnut shape and square bar shape. In addition, it can support the corresponding machine to achieve a certain capacity of continuous and mechanized production.

Double Roller Granulator for NPK Fertilizer

Rotary Drum pelleting Machine

NPK Fertilizer Rotary Pelleting Equipment

The drum type fertilizer granulator is often used for large scale NPK granulation plant. On the one hand, this machine has a large capacity. When using this machine, it can make into 30t quality NPK fertilizer pellets within one hour. Moreover, the granulation rate of rotary drum pelleting machine can reach 85%, which means that it can improve the granulation efficiency to a large extent. On the other hand, the rotary drum making granules machine is adaptive for mass production of cold, hot cold and high-medium-low concentration compound fertilizer. Therefore, When you have demands of large NPK granular fertilizer production, this machine is your best choice. It is worth mentioning that our engineers employed the rubber plastics materials on the internal of steam drum granulation machine. This way can prolong this machine service life, meanwhile, the NPK fertilizer materials are not easy to stick to the cylinder.

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

Expect the two kinds of granulating machines mentioned above, our factory can also recommend the plate granulator for your NPK granulation plant. When you have a small scale NPK fertilizer granule manufacturing plan, this machine is your best choice. The disc making granules machine was employs the three discharges design, which will further the pelleting workpiece ratio for your NPK granulation plant. At the same time, this machine has 93% formation rate when using the machine to produce NPK granules. Additionally, in order to make the machine better granulation, our professional engineers use the design of open disc granulation and spray device. That is to say, the use of plate making granules machine can not only observe the NPK fertilizer pellets by using the open disc design, but also add the water and adhesive by using the spray device. We can recommend the best suitable configuration and specification plate making granules machine for your NPK granular fertilizer production plant.

Pan Pelletizer with High Performance

What Advanced Process can be Used to Further Process Pelleted NPK in NPK Pelleting Plant?

Under the action of making granules machine, it can disposes the powdery NPK fertilizer into quality compound fertilizer pellets for offering the NPK pelleting company. However, in order to improve the quality of granulated NPK fertilizer, the NPK granules should be required other newly developed crafts. The following shows the detailed crafting and recommends the processing machine for your NPK pelleting factory.

Three Advantages of Using Granulator in the NPK Granulation Plant

How to Choose a Reliable NPK Fertilizer Granulator Manufacturer?

There are many fertilizer machinery to produce the NPK fertilizer pelleting machine. How do you select a trustworthy NPK compound fertilizer making granules machine manufacturer? In the following content, it will show the detailed steps about the selection of NPK granulating machinery business firm.

A good fertilizer machinery company has a excellent qualification. The FFM heavy industry fertilizer machinery as a professional manufacturer has more than 30 years of experience in the production of fertilizer machinery. What’s more, our factory has a good reputation at home and abroad. So far, our factory business has involved the India, Australia, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, Ski Lanka, Philippines and so on.

There is no doubt that a reliable fertilizer manufacturer has a large number of professional engineers and workers. In the FFM factory, there are at least 80 professional engineers to follow the machines in real time. At the same time, our research and development team has more than 20 years of producing fertilizer machinery experience, which can provide you with accurate design solutions for NPK granulation plant. In addition, our staff have been technically trained about the fertilizer machinery knowledge and practice.

The service is also a criterion for selecting reliable fertilizer machinery manufacturers. No matter what you have problem of selection, using or installing the processing machine for NPK fertilizer, we will offer you with a professional and satisfactory answer and guidance. Furthermore, our service personnel will make regular inquires about the operation of the fertilizer machines. When you require the site instruction, our factory can also meet your requirements.

FFM Heavy Fertilizer Machinery Company

What should You Consider when Starting a NPK Granulation Plant?

The necessary condition for establishing an NPK granulation plant is to need a suitable granulating machine for NPK fertilizer. However, it’s not enough to have a NPK fertilizer granulator. The following content will provide you with a reference consideration.

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