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Do you hire a large of workers to handle the finished fertilizer products? Do you think this approach is time-consuming? The pallet machines for sale from our factory to solve your problems. This machine is often used for large scale fertilizer production plants. The pallet machines can help you automatically sort, transfer and stack goods or products boxes onto pallets. This way can greatly increase the degree of mechanization and automation of palletizing. Moreover, you can use this machine together with the packaging machine, which can not only improve your working efficiency, but also can expand your production output.


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How to Use the Pallet Machines for Sale from Our Factory?

The work-piece on the flat plate meets the requirements of the pallet, and the flat plate and the work-piece move forward until the vertical surface of the pallet. The upper stopper is lowered, and the other three positioning stopper levels are started to clamp. At the same time, the plate is rest. Each work-piece is lowered to the plane of the pallet, and the plane of the pallet is 10mm away from the bottom surface of the panel. The pallet will lower one workpiece height.  And repeat the above until the pallet stacking reaches the set requirements.

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Our fertilizer manufacture pay attentation to the research and update of pallet machines, so as to produce the best machines with advanced technology and designs. Our manufacture can provide an almighty palletizing machine for fertilizer plants by your requirements. At the same time, our pallet machine can be customized on the basis of your unique designs. What’s more, our manufacture can offer you excellent service. When you encounter any problems during the installation or using our pallet machines, we will help you in the first time.

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