Double Roller Making Granules Machine

Double roller granulator is a novel researched granulating machine in fertilizer industry. Whatever in your compound fertilizer production or NPK fertilizer production, our double roller granulator can meet your needs. Furthermore, it can apply to produce special compound fertilizer with high, medium and low concentration. It is an indispensable equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. You can also equip other correspending with it to form a production lines that have the production capacity of continuous and mechanized.


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What Kinds Pellets can You Produce by Using the Double Roller Granulator?

Compound Fertilizer Granules

Double roller granulator is the essential machine of compound fertilizer production. This machine can produce special compound fertilizer pellets with high, medium and low concentration. By using double roller pellet equipment, you can get the compound fertilizer granules of urea, zinc sulfate, potassium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride.

Finished Granules of Compound Fertilizer
NPK Fertilizer Pellets with High Quality

NPK Fertilizer Pellets

This machine is suitable for producing the NPK fertilizer granules. Withe the help of double roller granulator, the quality NPK fertilizer granules are rolled and formed at one time. In other words, it can help you improve the granulation efficiency.

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Metallurgical Particles

Our double roller pellet machine has a wide applicability. It also granulates raw materials of chemical, pharmaceutical and metallurgical granules. Moreover, due to our double roller granulator use the way of physical extrusion, the nutrients from these raw materials can be maintained after using this machine.

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Metallurgical Granules

What are Advantages of Fertilizer Pellets Produced by Using Double Roller Granulator?

Advantages of Using Double Roller Granulator

In our factory, there are disc granulator, new type pelletizer, flat die pellet machine. The fertilizer granules made by double roller pelletizer are harder than these three kinds of pellet equipment. After granulation, you can get the quality fertilizer pellets with 15-20N. Generally speaking, the harder fertilizer granules, the longer storage time and easier transportation. In addition, this series of double roller pellet machine, the shape and size of ball socket on the roller sheet can be customized by your requirements. We can provide many shapes of ball socket, including the shape of pillow, semicircle, stick, pill, walnut, flat ball and square bar. By using the double roller pellet machine, you can get the fertilizer pellets of various shapes.

How does the Double Roller Granulator Work in Your Fertilizer Production?

You can put the mixed materials into the double roller pelletizer from the feed hopper, and use the strong power from two counter-rotating rollers to squeeze these materials. Under the action of strong extrusion force, the mixed materials can become the cake shape. Though the conveyor chain, then the counter-rotation broken roller can crush the caked shape mixed materials. After screening, the quality fertilizer pellets can discharge from the outlet. At the same time, the reverting materials are mixed with the new materials to start granulation again. The process of granulation is finished completely. Besides, as the materials enter the feed hopper continuously under the action of driving motor, the double roller pelletizer can realize the goal of mass production.

What Benefits can Bring for You by Using the Double Roller Granulator?

How to Prolong the Service Life of Your Double Roller Granulator?

Maintaining your machine in the correct way can not only improve your working efficiency, but also prolong the span life of your double roller pellet machine. For the following content, our professional engineers put forward four ways and suggestions to maintain this machine.

Why Select to Purchase Double Roller Granulator from Our Company?

Our company has at least 20 years experience in the production of fertilizer equipment. After our professional engineers and expert worker produce our double roller granulator, you can get our machines of high quality and reasonable deign. Furthermore, our company has a well reputation for the fertilizer industry. Our company aims to give our clients machine with high quality and low price. When you purchase our double roller pellet machine, you can also get our excellent after-sale service, including installation guides and customized machines. What are you waiting for? Please connect our service staff as soon as possible.

Double Roller Extrusion Making Granules Machine Designed by FPC Factory

How Much does It cost When Buying Our Double Roller Granulator?

Machine price is related to machine power and dimension. This series of double roller granulation equipment have three molds, including the SXDG-1T, 1.5T and 2T. The SXDG-2T has more expensive, on the one hand, its machine power is the maximum (22kw); on the other hand, its machine dimension size is large (1630×850×1650). And the cheaper one is SXDG-1T. Because this mold of double roller pellet machine has a small machine power and dimension. Its machine power is 15kw and its dimension size is 1450×800×1450.

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