Goat waste management Method for Making Granules

Sheep waste is a high-quality, slow-release, natural livestock manure. According to the research of biologist, the goat waste involves the organic matter content about 24-27%, nitrogen about 0.7%-0.8%, phosphorus content about 0.45-0.6% and potassium content 0.4-0.5%. However, besides these nutrient contents, goat litter was also detected the parasites, pathogenic bacteria, trace elements, antibiotics and hormones and heavy metals content. If you pile a large amount of goat dung on the spot without management, the sheep litter will also produce NH3, CH4S, C2H6S, H2S with a lot of foul smell. There unpleasant odors not only reduce the air quality, but endanger the health of nearby residents and farmers. Therefore, it is necessary to treat sheep dung correctly. Through the goat waste management, it not only removes the harmful bacteria and worse odor, but you can get the goat waste organic fertilizer.


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How to Use the Goat Waste Management Method to Make the Available Sheep Manure?

Have the above four advantages aroused your interest in sheep litter organic fertilizer? The goat manure organic fertilizer is made from sheep dung through a series of processing procedures. The following sections show the details how to manage the goat litter into useful fertilizer.

  • First, you should control the moisture content. The moisture content of sheep dung is between 40%-50%, which is the most suitable water content for composting. When your sheep manure with higher water content, you can use a dewatering machine to reduce its moisture content. In addition, you can add the saw dust and straw to adjust the moisture content and C/N ratio of the sheep manure.

  • Second, when the temperature of goat litter reaches 60-70 ℃, it is the best time to use compost turner. This temperature can make microorganisms reproduce better, so that the sheep manure can be fermented perfectly. Using our composting machine can not only shorten the composting period, but create good fermentation conditions of sheep poo.

What Types of Machine can be Used when Composting Goat Fertilizer?

Our composting turners adopt the groove fermentation process and windrow composting method. If you want to use the groove fermentation process, we can provide you with the sheep litter groove type composting turner and wheel type composting machine of sheep manure management. The two types of goat dung compost turners require to build fermentation groove. Compared with the groove fermentation methods, the windrow composting way is convenient for composting sheep litter. While you require windrow composting process, we can offer the sheep feces moving type compost turner and crawler type composting machine of goat dung management.

Crawler Composting Equipment for Sale
Wheel Type Compost Turning Machine for Goat Dung
Sheep Dung Organic fertilizer Fermentation Pot

What are the Benefits of Goat Litter Organic Fertilizer for Lands and Crops?

Improve the Crops Yields

The beneficial microorganisms of the goat manure organic fertilizer can produce secondary metabolites by utilizing the organic matter in the soil, which include a large amount of abscisic acid and gibberellin. For one thing, the abscisic acid can not only promote plant elongation growth, but accelerate the ripening time of fruit. For another, the gibberellin can increase the blooming times of crops and plants as well as augment the fruit retention rate. Therefore, the production of crops and plants are increased when using the goat manure organic fertilizer.

Protect the Root of Crops and Plants

When sheep dung organic fertilizer can be used as fertilizer, it can provide the crops and plants with comprehensive nutrition. Meanwhile, there are various humic acids to protect the plants and crops amid the sheep waste organic fertilizer decomposing process. The humic acid not only has a good composite adsorption performance for heavy metal ions, but reduces the toxicity of heavy metal ions for the lands and crops.

The goat manure contains various active enzymes secreted by the animal digestive tract and microorganisms. There substances can extremely improve the enzyme activity of the soil when being applied to lands and crops. At the same time, the beneficial microbes of goat poo can also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, thereby using the goat poo organic fertilizer can reduce the utilization frequency of pesticide. More importantly, vitamin and natural antibiotics of sheep manure can improve the drought resistance and water storage ability of the lands and crops.

Sheep Dung Organic Fertilizer Improves the Soil

How to Use Goat Waste Management Method to Produce Organic Powdery Fertilizer?

Because the processing steps of goat manure waste powder fertilizer are simple, it is often suitable for small scale commercial organic fertilizer manufacturing plant. You can get the quality sheep poo powder fertilizer after through the following processes.

Processing Machines for Fermenting Sheep Waste


The fresh sheep dung contains a lot of hazardous substances, so it is necessary to compost the goat manure. Using the compost turner can ferment your sheep litter efficiently and perfectly. For small scale goat manure powder making plant, the groove type goat waste compost turner or moving type composting machine of sheep dung is your best choice.


After composting, there may be some caked fertilizer in the composted goat dung. By using the pulverizing machine, you can get the finer goat litter powder litter. In general, the finer the sheep poo powder, the higher the commercial value of the goat dung powder fertilizer. We can recommend the new type vertical crusher and semi-wet materials grinding machine for you.

Sheep Litter Making Powder Machine
Packing Machine for Powdery Sheep Manure Fertilizer


This is the last procedure of making sheep poo powder fertilizer. Our organic fertilizer bagging machine with PLC control system, which can help you automatically weigh and bag the finished goat dung powder fertilizer. In addition, the bagged sheep dung powder fertilizer can transport for a long distance. Meanwhile, it is not easy agglomeration amid the storage process.

What Kinds of Granulators can be selected when Using Granular Goat Waste Management Method?

As the title name suggests, the key of this management method is making the sheep waste into organic fertilizer granules. How to produce the organic fertilizer pellets from goat poo? With the help of our composting turner, it can make the sheep waste powder fertilizer into organic fertilizer granules. In following parts, we recommend three kinds of granulating machines for goat waste management.

Goat Litter Rotary Drum Granulating Machine

Rotary drum granulator is suitable for large scale sheep manure granules fertilizer making plants. Its maximum capacity can make the 30t sheep poo into granulation. In addition, there are SXZGZ-1240, SXZGZ-1560, SXZGZ-1870, SXZGZ-2080 and SXZGZ-3210 to satisfy your different requirements.

Rotary Drum Granulating Machine for Sheep Dung
New Type Organic Fertilizer Pelleting Equipment

Sheep Feces New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine 

When you want to get the hard goat dung pellets, the new type organic fertilizer granulating machine is your best choice. By using this machine, you can get the 20N-25N goat litter granules. Generally speaking, the harder the goat dung particles, the most suitable for long-distance transportation and long-term storage.

Disc Granulator for Sheep Manure Management

We can recommend the disc granulator for small scale goat litter manufacturing line. It can meet your capacity requirements of goat waste pelleting between1.5t and 6t. Moreover, its granulating rate can reach more than 93%, this machine can help you improve the granulation efficiency.

Disc Granulator for Sheep Manure Management

What Machine can we Provide You for Producing the Commercial Sheep Manure Granules?

The higher the quality of the goat litter pellets, the higher the commercial value of sheep litter particles. For the sake of getting commercial purpose, you had better use some auxiliary machines to improve the quality of goat waste pellets. The following parts will provide with references.

Drying and Cooling Machine for Sale
Screening Machine for Goat Manure Granules
Goat Feces Granules Bagging Machine

Reasons that our Factory can Produce Machines for Goat Waste Management at a Preferential Price

One the one hand, our professional workers and engineers test the quality sheep manure processing machine many times. Moreover, our staff will repeatedly confirm and check that the machine can normally and efficiently operation before loading the sold sheep litter processing machines. On the other hand, we spend a less cost of labors and resources during the processing of producing machines. What’s more, we have our own factory. In other words, our factory saves the storage costs of our machines handed over to other warehouses. More significantly, there is no dealer to earn your money when you buy our machines. Therefore, our factory can produce excellent quality of sheep manure processing machine with favorable price.

Sheep Manure Processing Machine Produced by FFM Factory

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