Current Status of Horse Waste Management

The research of zoologists shows that the average-size horse produces approximately 50 pounds of horse dung per day, which is equivalent to around 18000 pounds (9t) per year. These dung contains 120 pounds of nitrogen, 43 pounds of phosphorous and 77 pounds of potash. The horse farmers pile these horse litter in the corner of their horse farms. This method not only produce a large number of odors to provides prime breeding environment for bacteria and pathogen, but contaminates ground and surface water. How to make the horse litter into useful nutrient fertilizer? As a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, we can recommend two horse waste management methods into organic fertilizer for you.

Composting Horse Waste Management
Horse Waste Management for Granular

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How to Compost the Horse Dung into Usable Organic Fertilizer?

The composting craft plays an indispensable role in processing of managing the horse manure into available organic fertilizer. Using composting can kill the pathogenic bacteria from horse litter though the high temperature generated during the fermentation process. At the same time, the high temperature can produce more microorganisms, which can ferment your horse dung perfectly.

How to Make the Moisture Content of Horse Litter Meet the Composting Standard?

Usually, the water content of fresh horse feces is too high to meet the composting standard. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain the most appropriate moisture content of horse dung for composting. Our dehydrators can help you lower the water content of horse dung efficiently. For dewatering of your large amount of horse dung, the slant sieving separator is your best choice. It can dehydrate the 40m³horse manure within one hour. On the contrast, the solid-liquid machine often used in the small scale horse feces fertilizer making plants, which it can dewater the 10m³horse litter one hour. You can choose the most suitable dehydrator by your amount of horse manure.

Solid-Liquid Separator Machine
Horse Manure Incline Sieve Dehydrator
Drum Type Dewatering Machine for Sale

What Types of Compost Turner can be Used for Horse Waste Management?

The traditional fermentation method will take 6 months to ferment the horse waste completely, which can waste a lot of labor and infrastructure resources while waiting for the horse dung fermentation process. Our factory can offer the horse litter compost turner, it can not only shorten the composting period of horse feces, but also improve the fermenting efficiency by creating excellent fermentation conditions for horse dung. As a professional fertilizer making machinery manufacturer, we will recommend the most suitable composting machine for you.

Groove Type Compost Turner for Horse Waste Management
Wheeled Compost Turning Equipment
Crawler Type Composting Machine In Stock
Movable Compost Turner for Horse Waste Management

Top 3 Hot Sale Granulating Machines for Horse Waste Management Granular Method

The horse litter granulator is irreplaceable machine to produce the organic fertilizer granules from horse waste. What’s more, the horse manure fertilizer pellets produced by granulating machine can not only convenient for transportation and storage, but you can get the commercial values from these granules. The following contents show  three types of machines that can pellet horse feces.

Granulating Machine of New Type for Horse Manure
Pan Pelleting Equipment with Small Capacity
Rotary Drum Granulator for Sale

The quality of horse litter fertilizer granules is affected by the composted horse dung fertilizer. After composting, there may be agglomerated horse manure fertilizer. If you want to produce excellent quality horse waste pellets, you had better crush the caked horse feces fertilizer. General speaking, the finer the horse waste fertilizer powder, the better the quality of horse poo fertilizer granules. Our factory can recommend the new type vertical pulverizer and semi-wet materials crushing machine. If you want more crushing machine information, please connect with us as soon as possible.

Chain Crushing Equipment for Horse Waste
Horse Manure Semi-Wet Materials Crusher
New Type Vertical Grinding Equipment

What are the Horse Waste Management Method to Speed up the Fermentation?

Adjust CN Ration of Horse Dung
Heights of Windrow

What are the Costs of Using Horse Waste Management?

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