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Are you just bury your cow dung directly in the ground or crops? This manure management method for cattle manure will cause the environment pollution. Meanwhile, you will also lose an opportunity to make profits from cow waste. Using our cow litter processing machine can make your cattle litter into quality organic fertilizer. In this way, using our cow dung processing machine can help you not only remove pathogens and bacteria from cattle manure, but also get commercial purpose from quality organic fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer manufacturer, we can provide various cattle manure processing machines for your cattle manure organic fertilizer manufacturing plants.


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Why Use Our Cow Dung Processing Machines to Manage the Cow Dung?

On the one hand, the cow manure belongs to a polluted resource, so that you cannot dispose it randomly. On the other hand, using our cattle manure processing equipment can help you retain the abundant nutrients of cow dung.

Cow dung is an excellent natural organic fertilizer with high nutritional content. The cow manure contains the organic matter content about 36.5%, humic acid about 23.62%, nitrogen about 4.1%, phosphorus about 8.7% and potassium about 3.3%. Therefore, cow poo can be good raw materials for producing organic fertilizer.

Generally speaking, the cow manure has high ammonia content and excessive salt content. Therefore, direct use of cattle litter can cause the roots of plants or crops to die. The fresh cow litter also involves dangerous pathogens and parasites, using the cow poo directly can affect the human health. Under the action of our cow poo process machine, you can use the cattle litter as fertilizer directly.

The cow poo fertilizer machine can not only manage the cow waste with an eco-friendly way, but can remove the pathogens and parasites from fresh cattle waste. What’s more, after using the cattle manure processing machine, you can get quality organic fertilize from nutritious cow dung. These organic fertilizer machine can help you not merely increase the crops yields efficiently, but also get the economic aims. Our factory has a complete range of cow manure processing machine, and there are complete types and specifications of cattle manure processing equipment for your reference.

How do You Make Organic Fertilizer Powder from Cow Poo?

Using our cow dung processing machines can process your cow litter into organic fertilizer powder. A complete organic fertilizer powder production line from cattle litter involves dewatering process, composting craft and crushing process. Hence, diverse cow litter production processes require different cow poo processing machines. For the following content, there are different cattle poo processing machines to choose from.

How to Reduce the Moisture Content of Cattle Manure Efficiently before Composting?

What are Types of Cow Dung Processing Machine before Crushing?

Composting can make the cow dung into pure nutrients organic fertilizer materials by kill the harmful bacteria and eggs from cattle manure. The traditional composting method takes 18 months to ferment the cattle dung completely. Different from traditional composting craft, using the cattle manure compost turner can help you complete composting within 20days. Using the cattle manure compost turner can shorten the composting period and improve the composting efficiency. The following parts show some composting machines for cow litter.

Cattle Dung Compost Turner Groove Type

For groove type cow poo composting equipment, our factory can offer the groove type cow poo compost turner. You can use the groove type composting machine for fermenting cattle dung in organic fertilizer plant, horticultural farm and bisporus plant. There are four specifications of this machine to meet your different requirements, including SXCF-2500, SXCF-3000, SXCF-4000 and SXCF-5000. In addition, the cow dung groove type compost turner can be customized with double-groove type and half-groove type to satisfy your cow litter fertilizer manufacturing needs. Moreover, our factory can recommend the chain plate cattle waste compost turner. The traveling system of this machine employs the advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation, which can adopt to change of working load well.

Groove Type Compost Turner for Sale
Cattle Manure Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

Windrow Composting  Cow Manure Machine

This machine adopts windrow fermentation method, that is, you should pile the cow dung into windrow shape when composting. More importantly, the windrow compost cow poo turner is no restrictions on workplace. In other words, whatever it is composting in outdoors or indoors, this machine can meet your requirements. There are two types of windrow composting cow manure machine. One is a movable composting machine of cattle waste. It adopts four-wheel walking design, which means you can control forward, backward and turn around. In addition, our engineers install the rotary knifes on the moving type cow waste composting machine, which can turn, loosen and move the cow litter effectively. Another is a crawler type composting equipment for cattle poo disposal. This machine adopts a rubber track chassis design, which can support the whole machine to turn cow dung stably.

Moving Type Composting Equipment Produced by FFM Factory
Cow Litter Crawler Type Composting Machine for Sale

What are the Key Steps of Making Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Powder?

After composting, there are still some caked materials in composted cow litter. In order to get quality fine organic fertilizer powder from cow manure, the shredder of cattle waste is your best choice. The cow dung pulverizing equipment is also one of irreplaceable machines in cattle poo powder making line. There are two kinds of cow litter powder making machines, which includes the new type vertical crusher for cow poo management and semi-wet material shredding machine of cattle dung.

New Type Vertical Cattle Dung Making Powder Machine
Semi-Wet Cow Manure Grinding Machine

What Cow Dung Processing Machine can be Used for a Complete Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

The crushed cow litter fertilizer can be processed into organic fertilizer granules under the action of our cattle dung processing machines. Besides the above cattle litter powder process, the complete cow dung granulation production also contains cow poo mixing technology, the cow waste pellet making process, cattle poo screening craft, cow litter drying and cooling technology and finished cow dung organic fertilizer packing craft. The following parts show the cow dung processing machine used in the above-mentioned process.

Cattle Waste Mixing Machine
Cow Feces Processing Machine for Pelleting
Drying and Cooling Machine for Cow Dung
Fertilizer Packing Machine for Sale

Why our Factory can Produce Reliable Cow Dung Processing Machine?

  • The cattle feces processing machine uses the durable and long-lasting raw materials. Therefore, you can use our cow dung processing machine in your cow manure fertilizer production for a long time.

  • Our fertilizer manufacturing factory has more than 20 years of processing fertilizer machine experience. Furthermore, all workers and professionals are trained by experts in the fertilizer production industry.

  • Our cow dung processing machines have been repeatedly tested before they are sold. At the same time, they have passed the inspection of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ).

Price List of Cow Dung Processing Machine

FFM Factory with Large Production Site

Our factory can provide various configurations of cattle dung processing machines for your production line. Generally speaking, different configurations have different prices. When you choose the small capacity cow manure processing machine, the price will be cheaper than cattle litter with large production capacity. If you want to require some irreplaceable machines, like compost turner and granulator, it is available to customize for you. In addition, cow litter processing machines are produced by our own factory. In other words, there no supplier makes a profit in the sale process. If you require to set up a small-scale cattle dung organic fertilizer production lines, our service staff can recommend the most suitable cattle manure processing machine for you.

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