Do you make your chicken manure piled up randomly for a long time? Do you think the chicken dung is garbage? Many people think that the fresh chicken poo belongs to a polluted resource, but it is also a valuable fertilizer materials. In order to utilize the abundant organic matter of chook manure, you can use the chicken manure composting system to dispose the fresh chicken dung. The composting of chicken waste is an indispensable and irreplaceable step in a chicken manure fertilizer making plant. Thus, our factory can provide you with three kinds of composting turner to dispose the chicken dung.


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Why so Many People Compost with Chicken Litter?

The process of composting chicken waste is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Why so many individuals use chicken manure to compost? On the one hand, using fresh chicken manure as fertilizer will cause human diseases directly. On the other hand, you can use the composted fresh chicken dung for agricultural and commercial purpose.

Hazard Substance of Chicken Dung
Nutrients List of Chicken Dung

What is the Process of Making Granulated Organic Fertilizer from the Composted Chicken Dung?

The mentioned organic fertilizer pelleting craft is to make the composted chook dung into specific organic fertilizer granules. Generally speaking, the finer and more uniform the compost is, the more beautiful and uniform chook litter granules produced are. Before granulating, the fresh chook manure can be used to dispose the organic fertilizer without hazardous substances. This way will satisfy to meet the requirements of granulation the chicken feces. By the way, the different types of chicken dung pellet equipment has the diverse requirements of the chook manure moisture content. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the most appropriate granulating machine based on the water content of chicken litter. Then, the organic fertilizer pulverizing machine is your wise choice to eliminate potential caking and large bulks. This means, you can get the finer chicken dung powder, then you will get the worth organic fertilizer pellets. How to screen out the garbage and impurities contained in chicken manure? The screen facility made by FFM factory will help you to select our impurities and unqualified powder, so as to provide excellent quality chook poop fertilizer for granulation process. Subsequently, the disposed chicken litter powder can be made the granular organic fertilizer by utilizing the atomized water and mechanical force. Consequently, you can manage the chicken litter into worth organic fertilizer pellets by the above steps. What are you waiting for? Please have a try as soon as possible.

What Kind of Composting Machine can You Use to Ferment Chicken Manure?

Chicken manure composting mainly uses biological action combined with advanced mechanical technology to treat chicken litter effectively. In order to make chicken manure ferement better, our factory designed compost turners with different fermentation method. You can choose the most proper composting machine by your production demands.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot
Flexible Moving Composting Machine
Wheel Type Compost Turner for Chicken Manure

How to ferment chicken manure using a wheel type of compost machine? The following video will shows the detailed of the working principle of composting chook manure.

How Long is the Chicken Manure Composting Time?

Scene of Composting Chicken Manure

The traditional composting method is to seal the chicken dung for anaerobic fermentation. Usually, it will take 3-4 months to become thoroughly decomposed. Treating  chicken litter by anaerobic fermentation will produce a lot of the chicken odour and will leave the extra materials and residue of chicken dung. With the development of fertilization machine and technology, people invented the aerobic fermentation. Using aerobic fermentation to process chicken manure is 10-20 times faster than traditional anaerobic fermentation. In addition, the composting time of different chicken manure composting machines is also different. When you want to ferment chicken dung in a short time, the organic fertilizer fermentation pot is your best choice. In addition, in order to make the fresh chicken feces quickly get the water content standard of composting, we can recommend the dewatering machine for you.

About the Quotation of Our Chicken Manure Composting Machine

Different types of composting machines for chicken dung have diverse prices. But the price of our machine is reasonable. For one thing, we have own factory to produce these chicken manure composting machines. In other words, we can deliver the machine from our factory directly. For another, our factory minimizes the cost of production chicken manure compost turners. The specification is related to the prices of chook manure composting turner. When you purchase our machine, you should offer information about the number of chickens from your chicken farms. In addition, you should also tell us where you are from. The exchange rate will also affect the machine’s quotation.

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