The organic matter content of chicken manure is about 25.5%, crude protein is about 18.7%, carbohydrate is about 11%, nitrogen is about 1.63%, phosphorus is about 1.54% and potassium is about 0.85%. The chook dung of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content is equivalent to 4.5-7.7 times the three elements content of cow dung. What’s more, the chook manure not only has a high protein content, but has a relatively complete composition of amino acids in the protein content. Therefore, the chicken feces are good materials to produce organic fertilizer. But how to correctly make the chook waste into organic fertilizer is facing problem for chicken property owners and investors. Aimed at these problems, our factory designs a series of chicken manure processing equipment to meet your requirements.

Powdery Chook Manure Manufacturing Line
3D Diagram of Chicken Manure Granular Production Line

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Can I Use the Chicken Dung without Composting for Crops and Plants?

The untreated chicken waste begins to ferment when the soil gets the appropriate temperature and humidity. The heat generated of untreated chicken feces by fermentation will burn seedlings, rotten roots and even cause plants death. Moreover, once the roots are burned and death, it will affect the accumulation and fruiting of nutrients in crops and plants in the next year.

The fresh chook dung involves lots of heavy metals, including copper, mercury, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and more hormone residues. The heavy metals content of chicken feces not only pollutes the groundwater and soil, but causes the food safety problems for agricultural products.

Chicken dung is a camp and hotbed of root-knot nematodes. In general, 1000 grams of root-knot nematodes will carry 100 root knot nematode eggs. Meanwhile, the nematode eggs of chicken manure are very easily hatched and multiplied, which means there maybe tens of thousands of them overnight. Moreover, the nematodes are extremely sensitive to chemical pesticide, as an example, the nematodes will quickly escape to the depth of 0.5-1.5 meters underground after spraying insecticides.

Bio-organic fertilizer pellets has a repressive effect on the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, it can enhance the stress resistance of crops to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Top 3 Types of Compost Turner for Your Chicken Farms

Using our chicken manure processing equipment for fermenting not only makes the chicken dung fully contact with air to ferment the chook litter completely, but also creates good fermentation conditions to shorten the composting period of chook dung. There are two kinds of composting machines with different fermentation methods.

Chain Plate Type Compost Turner for Chicken Manure Production Line
Chook Manure Moving Type Composting Machine

How to Recycle and Ferment the Chicken Manure?

Solutions for Producing the Powdery Chicken Dung Organic Fertilizer

The chook feces powder organic fertilizer requires less chicken manure processing equipment compared with the granules chicken litter organic fertilizer.

How to Make the Chicken Dung into Organic Fertilizer Granules by Using Our Processing Machine?

The chook litter granular organic fertilizer is another production form of chicken feces organic fertilizer. However, the fertility of chicken waste organic fertilizer is higher than that of the chook poo powdery organic fertilizer. Many organic fertilizer manufacturing plants use these processes to treat large amounts of chicken dung. The first three steps of chicken litter powdery organic fertilizer and chook manure granular organic fertilizer are the same.

Mixing Machine for Crushed Chook Manure Fertilizer


For improve the fertility of organic fertilizer pellets, you can add the microbial inoculum or adhesive in the crushed chicken litter organic fertilizer. When using our mixing machine, it can mix the chook manure powder organic fertilizer with ingredients evenly. Our factory can provide the horizontal mixer, single (double) shaft mixing machine and disc mixer.


The granulating is the key step of making chicken dung granular organic fertilizer. When using our granulating equipment, it can make the mixed chicken dung powder fertilizer into organic fertilizer pellets. There are new type organic fertilizer granulating machine, rotary drum pelleting machine and disc granulator for your choice.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Making Granules Machine
Chicken Manure Cooling Machine

Drying and Cooling

The finished chicken manure organic fertilizer pellets will maintain a certain high temperature and moisture content. For the sake of granules in good conditions during transportation and storage, you should use the drying machine and cooling machine to remove the temperature and water content.


How to pick unqualified chicken manure organic fertilizer granules from many finished pellets? With the help of our screening machine, it not only can screen out the pellets of different sizes quickly, but also save the manpower costs. In addition, our screening machine is equipped with three discharge holes, which means that it can screen the finished chicken feces organic fertilizer pellets into three grades.

Processing Machine for Screening Chicken Manure Fertilizer
Automatic Bagger Machine for Chook Waste


The packing is the last procedure of making chicken waste organic fertilizer pellets. Are you still hiring many workers to weigh, bag and seal the finished chicken feces organic fertilizer granules? The full-automatic bagging machine produced by our factory. It can help you automatically finish a series of steps for bagging finished chicken litter organic fertilizer granules.

About the Price of Our Chicken Manure Processing Equipment made by Our Factory

To be honest, the price of our chicken manure processing equipment is the factory price. This means that there are no agents to make a profit during the process of selling. In addition, the price is related to the capacity and specification of chicken waste processing machine. Therefore, before purchasing our machine, you need to provide the amount of chicken dung that requires to be processed or the number of chickens in your chicken farms. While you don’t know how to choose the most suitable chook litter processing machine, we also require to know your requirements for the production forms of chicken poo organic fertilizer, the workplaces areas and budgets. We can recommend the most appropriate machine by your basic information you provided.

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