Fertilizer bagging machine is a device for quantitatively bagging compost fertilizer, powder fertilizer and granular. It is suitable for your organic fertilizer production and compound fertilizer manufacturing. By using the fertilizer packing machine, it can help you store and transport the finished fertilizer conveniently. Furthermore, the quantitative precision of our fertilizer bagging machine is 2‰, which means that this machine can pack the same volume of fertilizer accurately. There are three types of fertilizer bagger equipment for sale from our factory.

Automatic Fertilizer Bagging Machine for Sale

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Top 3 Hot Sale Fertilizer Bagger Equipment for Sale

All our bagging equipment can work efficiently and perfectly. Due to this machine is fully automatic, the use of fertilizer bagging equipment can save the cost of manpower. Moreover, this machine has the system of weighing, sealing and sewing, using this machine can also reduce the spending of machines. If you have any interest, please feel free to connect with us.

Powdery Bagging Machine
Bagger Equipment for Packaging Granular Fertilizer

Bucket Fertilizer Bagger Equipment for Sale

This machine adopts the system of automatic bag sewing, which can help you sew the finished bags rapidly. And there are three different capacities of this type. You can choose an appropriate fertilizer bagging machine by your own production capacity.

How to Use Our Fertilizer Bagger Equipment for Sale from Our Factory?

  • Firstly, put the empty bags on the conveyor belt before starting the fertilizer bagging machine.

  • Secondly, after touching the position switch, the sack-holder clamps the bags tightly.

  • Thirdly, fertilizer bagging equipment will seal or sew the fertilizer packed bags automatically.

  • Fourthly, the conveyor transports powdery and granular fertilizer into stock bin through weighing senor and weighing transmitter.

  • Finally, the packed fertilizer will be delivered to the end of a conveyor belt. And then, this machine starts to pack the next bag of fertilizer.

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