For animal farmers, it is a crushing problem that is how to dispose the livestock manure properly. Do you have the same problem? Our small composting machines can help you work out the annoying conundrum. The small compost turner can not only help you remove the unpleasant smell, but also make you get quality fertilizer. What’s more, the composted fertilizer materials can not only increase crop yields, but promote the water retention of the soil. It is suitable for small livestock manure management or small organic waste disposal. In addition, we can also recommend the dewatering machine, which can make the moisture content of raw materials to get the standard of composting.


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What Kind of Small Compost Turner can You Purchase from Our Factory?

Over the past 20 years, our factory has researched and developed four types small compost turners, all of which are available for all kinds of organic fertilizer materials fermentation and composting. In order to improve the composting efficiency and productivity, you should choose the best appropriate one.

Groove Type Composting Equipment for Sale
Crawler Type Compost Turner for Small Composting Fertilizer Production Plants
Chain Plate Type Composting Making Machine

The chain plate type composting machine is suitable for groove fermentation method. When you want to use it in your small scale fertilizer production, it is necessary to build a groove fermentation. The following video shows that how does the chain compost turner work in the small composting production line.

What Other Composting Machines can We Provide Besides the Small Compost Turner?

Our factory not only provides the small compost turner, but supply some composting machines for large scale composting production line. The use of our large capacity composting machine make you compost efficiently and perfectly. For the following content, we provide a reference for you to select composting machine.

Where can You Use Our Small Compost Turner?

Small Scale Fertilizer Making Plants
Small Poultry Farms

How to Choose the Best Machine for Small Fertilizer Plants Factory?

Due to our factory has multitudinous types of small compost turner, it is difficult to choose an appropriate one for your composting fertilizer production. Thus, we will give you a reference to select the best one.

For different workplace, we can provide diverse compost turners. If your workplace has groove, the groove type compost turner and wheel type composting machine are the best choice. If you don’t have groove, you can choose the remaining three compost turner and one fermentation pot.

Besides the workplace, you should also consider the capacity of the machine. Aim at the requirement of 1-3t capacity, the groove type compost turner and crawler type composting machine are the best choice for you. If you want the capacity of compost turner bigger than 3t, we can offer the moving type compost turner and chain plate type compost making machine for you. While you want a compost turner in the large composting making plant, there are wheel type compost turner and organic fertilizer fermentation pot. When you have some problems of selecting machine, our staff can recommend the best one based.

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