Rotary Drum Screening Machine

Rotary drum screen machine is a new generation of self-cleaning type screening material special equipment. By using this machine, it is not only you can use it to separate the fertilizer materials and finished fertilizer pellets, but it can help you screen different sizes of finished fertilizer granules. What’s more, our rotary drum screening equipment has high screening efficiency, thus this machine is a favorite screener among the fertilizer production clients.


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Is the Rotary Drum Screener Only Used after Granulation?

Certainly not. Our rotary drum screener is often equipped with granulator, which can help you screen the finished granules. Besides, you can use this machine to screen the garbage and small stone from raw materials before composting. Using the rotary drum screening machine can improve the purity of raw materials, so as to make you get the quality composted fertilizer. If you want to accelerate the composting period, we can also provide you with compost turner. The following viedo will allow you to directly know the working principle of rotary screening equipment.

What Are the Crucial Parts that Can Screen Fertilizer Granules of Different Sizes?

Screen Mesh of Rotary Drum Screening Equipment

There is a lucid and columned screening mesh. For the one thing, this screening mesh can prevent raw material from splaying everywhere. For another, it is convenient for workers to check the operation of rotary drum screening machine.

Our engineers use a vibration device on the screening mesh. This device can avoid the raw materials blocking in the hole of screening mesh. No matter what the sticky and wet raw materials are, and the rotary drum screening equipment can smoothly screen the materials.

Vibration Device

The screening mesh is the crucial component of rotary drum screener to screen different sizes of fertilizer pellets. You can adjust the mesh sizes of rotary drum screening filter by your requirements of raw materials. Our engineers adopt three delicate designs in this machine to enhance the screening ability and work efficiency.

Rotary Drum Screening Equipment Advantages over Other Manufacturers’ Screeners

Many manufactures employ the nylon materials to produce the screening meshes, which will corrode severely and rapidly. The service life of nylon material only has one or two months. Moreover, when you use the screening machine with screening mesh of nylon material for a long time, the machine will appear the situation with big hole diameter of sieve plate. Our rotary drum adopt the galvanized steel, which has twice service life of nylon material.


Their weight of screen equipment is 2750kg, and our rotary drum screen equipment weighs 3500kg. In other words, the shafts and main body of this machine will bear the pressure of material weight firmly. Therefore, our machine can keep stability in the process of screening. If you want to know about our screener in detail, please communicate with us as soon as possible.

What Should You do during the Maintenance of Rotary Drum Screener?

You should keep clean and dry of rotary drum screener at the end of using.
It is necessary to add lubricating oil in the stirring device when you use rotary drum screener.
Screening mesh and discharge outlets are inspected and cleaned regularly.

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