Why Start a Commercial Composting Business?

As commercial composting is profitable, increasingly people apend time and money to compost their fertilizer materials commercially. Commercial compost facility is an equipment that produces available composted fertilizer for economic value.

Via the commercial composting, it can make your raw materials into available and value composted fertilizer. You can sell these composted fertilizers in the market to help you make money.

The commercial composting can dispose a large volume of organic fertilizer materials without waste. After commercial composting, you can get the quality organic fertilizer materials.

The commercial composting organic fertilizer materials contain various nutrient substance, which will decompose over time. You can use the nutrients materials to increase crop yields.

The commercial composting belongs to the natural fermentation without chemical additive. Therefore, using this commercial composting method can protect the surrounding environment.

What are the Differences Between the Commercial Compost and Home Composting?


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What Commercial Compost System can You Use for Making Organic Fertilizer?

When using commercial windrow composting system, the organic fertilizer materials should be piled into windrow shape. What’s more, the commercial windrow fermentation system has no restrictions on the composting workplace. In other words, you can commercially compost the organic fertilizer materials outdoors or indoors. This commercial windrow composting technology is often used in small scale commercial composting fertilizer manufacturing plant. Meanwhile, our factory can provide the moving type compost turner and commercial compost facility of crawler type.

Compared with commercial windrow fermentation system, groove fermentation way is suitable for large scale commercial composting fertilizer making plants. Nonetheless, this method requires a groove to compost the organic fertilizer materials. And the size of groove is determined by the measure of commercial compost facility and the amount of organic fertilizer materials. Aimed at the composting system of groove,we can provide you with the groove type compost turner, compost machine of wheel type and chain plate compost making equipment.

This method of commercial composting is different from other two, using the seal environment to compost organic fertilizer materials. This way will not release the bad smell produced by the organic fertilizer materials during the commercial fermentation process. Meanwhile, we can offer an organic fertilizer fermentation pot, which can help you ferment the organic fertilizer materials automatically.

The effect of aerobic fermentation is better than that of anaerobic fermentation. Hence, you can select the proper one from three aerobic fermentation systems.

Which Type of Commercial Compost Facility can You Select by the Fermentation System?

Our factory has three types of commercial compost turner correspondingly three fermentation systems. You can select the most proper one from our factory.

The following contents show  two types of commercial windrow compost turners.

Commercial Crawler Type Composting Turner

Crawler Type Commercial Compost Turner

It adopts rubber track chassis design, which can give steadily supports for this machine. This machine can ferment 800-1500 m³organic fertilizer materials in one hour. Thus, it is suitable for large-scale composting manufacturing production.

Movable Commercial Composting Facility

Using this machine allows you to compost materials conveniently. For one thing, groove commercial composting machine adopts the four-wheel design. For another, our engineers install rotary knife on the frame of this machine.

Moving Type Compost Machine for Commercial Purpose

We can recommend commercial groove compost turning equipment for you.

Groove Commercial Composting Equipment

Groove Commercial Composting Equipment

It includes a walking fermentation tank, a walking track, a power device, a turning part. What’s more, there is a control cabinet to operate the overall machine. This means, using the groove commercial compost turner can save the labor cost.

Commercial Wheeled Compost Turner

The commercial wheel type composting machine can ferment 720m³ materials within one hour. What’s more, this machine employs unique energy efficient transmission mechanism,which can reduce the consumption when wheeled composting equipment is working.

Commercial Wheeled Composting Equipment for Sale
Automatic Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot

Commercial Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot 

This organic vessel composting pot only takes 10 hours to complete commercial composting with harmless treat process. Using organic fertilizer fermentation pot can solve the problems that bad smell will be released during the process of commercial composting.

How to ferment the raw materials using automatic in-vessel fermentation pot? The following video will show the detailed process of fermenting the raw materials by using organic fertilizer fermentation tank.

How to Compost Organic Fertilizer Materials Commercially?

Can you start commercial compost with only one commercial composting facility? Although the commercial compost turner plays an irreplaceable role in production, it is necessary to use other machines for disposing the organic fertilizer materials. There is a complete commercial compost production line for reference.

Commercial Dehydrating Machine
Compost Turner of Moving Type
Commercial Grinding machine for Sale
Packing Machine with PLC Technology

Four Maintenance Steps of Commercial Compost Facility

You can use our quality commercial composting machine for a long time, but it is inevitable for prolonging its span life to maintain and repair in a correct way. For the following parts, there are four maintenance ways to extend its service life.

If you need a professional maintenance for commercial compost turner, our factory can offer experts for you.

What is the Offer of Our Commercial Compost Turner?

There is a price list of our five commercial compost facilities for you reference. The compost turner for commercial wheel type and organic fertilizer fermentation pot are the most expensive among this five-commercial equipment because of their large capacity and high cost. On the contrary, commercial groove compost turning equipment and compost facility of commercial movable are at the bottom of price list. If your budget is limited, these two types of commercial composting machine are your best choice. And the price of commercial crawler type compost turner and compost turning equipment of commercial chain plate is moderate. If you want to know more price of our fertilizer machines, just feel free to connect with our service staff.

The Highlights of Commercial Compost Turner Manufacturer Service

FFM Factory of Excellent Service

For the commercial compost turner manufacturer, we can provide a professional guidance to select the most appropriate composting machine for you. When you buy our commercial compost turning machine, you should provide your workplace information and the volume of fertilizer materials. While you have problems during the installation process, our factory can assign a professional fertilizer engineer to guide you. Besides the commercial compost turning, our factory can produce various fertilizer machines. If you need other fertilizer machines, we can recommend advanced fertilizer equipment for your requirements.

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