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Rotary Drum Granulating Machine for Sale

In order to promote the pelleting rate of rotary drum granulator, it is necessary to make preparation working before granulating. The temperature and moisture content of raw materials will affect the granulating effectiveness. Generally speaking, the better the ration of raw materials, the higher the quality of the granules. Hence, there is no doubt that you must have accurate and high-quality formulas to adjust the raw materials. What’s more, you can continuously optimize the ration of your raw materials, which can effectively improve the granulation rate of granulating machine of rotary drum.

However, the rotary drum pelleting machine maybe have effect on the granulation rate. So, choosing the most appropriate granulator plays an essential role in the process of making quality granules. You can select the most suitable rotary drum granulator by your production situation. Our professional engineers can recommend the proper rotary drum granulating equipment according to your manufacturing information. By using this machine, it can allow you to get more quality fertilizer granules. If you have any interest, just feel free consult our staff.

Transmission of Rotary Pelleting Equipment

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