Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot

Compared with the compost turner for manure management, the manure organic fertilizer fermentation tank is suitable for static aerobic composting designed with closed systems. In other words, the manure will be sent into the in-vessel fermentation pot by the feeding hopper driven by hoisting motor. What’s more, using this machine can ferment the manure in the bad weather. Because the fermentation machine tank adopted the closed systems, the fermentation result of manure is not affected by the weather.


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Generally speaking, the process of fermenting manure will generate the bad smell and gas. How to discharge the bad gas when using the organic fertilizer fermentation pot? Our engineers employ the ventilation and deodorization system on the in-vessel composting machine. Therefore, using this machine can allow you to get the fermented manure without gas pollution in a shorten fermentation period. In addition, there are chain plate composting machine for manure management, manure windrow compost turner and self-propelled manure composting equipment.

Automatic Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot

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