The poultry manure contains various minerals and abundant organic matter. generally speaking, the poultry manure has nitrogen content about 3-5% , phosphorous content about 1.5%-3.5%, potassium content about 1.5-3.0%. If you pile up poultry manure on your farm, or even throw it next to the trash can. You will not only face the environmental pollution caused by these poultry manures, but also lose the opportunity that use this poultry manure to create agricultural value. In addition, composted poultry manure with pure nutrient can improve the growth efficiency of plants and crops, thereby increasing yields. Therefore, it is profitable for you to turn the fresh poultry manure into high quality organic fertilizer. We can recommend the machines for composting poultry manure. There are groove compost turner, windrow composting machine and in-vessel fermentation tank to choose.


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