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Flexible Health Facilities In South Florida

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Belle Glade, Florida

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December 7, 2015


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ThemeFusion Company

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What Our Organic Fertilizer Granules Making Machine Can do for Your Poultry Farm?

In your animal farm, there is a lot of harmful bacteria in the untreated animal manure, which can cause some animals to get sick or even die. The organic fertilizer pelletizer is the best choice that can help you solve these problems on your farm. By using this machine, you can use the animal waste as raw material to make organic fertilizer granules. In this way, you can not only have a clean and safe animal farm, but get the quality organic fertilizer pellets.

Which Type of Machine is the Best Choice for Making Organic Fertilizer Granules in Our Factory?

The use of new type organic fertilizer granulator can not only improve your work efficiency, but also help you increase the number of finished organic fertilizer granules. Thus, if you want to make organic fertilizer pellets, the new type organic fertilizer granulator is the best choice for you.

How to Pellet the Organic Fertilizer Granules by Using New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator?

Our new type organic fertilizer pelletizer adopts the advanced wet granulation. When your moisture content of the raw materials is between 20%-30%, you can use this machine to make organic fertilizer granules. The wet organic materials are fed from in the inlet of new type organic fertilizer pellet machine. Under the action of friction between the high speed rotation force and internal wall of cylinder, the wet organic fertilizer material can be made into organic fertilizer pellets. At the end of granulation, the finished granules will discharge from the outlet. This is the whole granulation process.

Top 5 Design Highlights Attract You to Purchase our New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

When our engineers designed the new type organic fertilizer granulator, they pay attention to the research and development of this machine. As the result of the research and development, the new type organic fertilizer pellet machine has five highlights.

Using this machine can help you get the quality granules. The organic fertilizer pellets made by new type organic fertilizer granulator are harder than disc granulator and rotary drum pelletizer. In general, after granulation, you can get the organic fertilizer granules with 20-25N. These harder pellets can store for a long time and transport in a long distance. The new type organic fertilizer granulator has attracted many clients who need these pellets to be placed for a long time.
Using this machine, you can get the various sizes of organic fertilizer pellets by adjusting the mixing capacity and rotation speed in principal axis of materials. The lower mixing capacity and the higher the speed, the smaller the size of the organic fertilizer particles. What size of organic fertilizer granules do you want? You can tell our engineers. They design the machine to meet your size requirements.
The granulator craft of new type organic fertilizer pellets break through the conventional granulating technology of organic fertilizer granules. We take advantages of the feature that organic particles can be embedded with each other under a certain force, there is no need to require binder in the granulation process. It is convenient to produce organic fertilizer granules for using this advanced granulation technology.
In order to install our machine easily, our engineers adopt an integrated structure when our engineers designing the new type organic fertilizer pelletizer. This structure is also convenient for workers to load and unload. Moreover, our engineers design two hanging hook in the cylinder exktexine of our machine, our machines are also easy to load or unload during the use of cranes.

How do You Maintain the Machine to Extend its Span Life?

How can We Provide You with a New Type Organic Fertilizer Pelletizers at a Competitive Price?

  • First, our machines are directly sale from our manufacturer. Our machines do not sell for dealers. So the price is lower than other factories.