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Flexible Moving Composting Machine
Manure Groove Type Compost Turner
Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

The lengthen of manure composting time is affect by the temperature, manure amount, moisture content and so on. In order to make the manure ferment completely, the temperature plays an indispensable role in the processing of manure composting. In other words, proper temperature will not only inactivate the pathogen and hazardous eggs, but also improve the microorganism growth to decompose of organic matters. When you use the traditional fermentation method, you can get the complete fermentation manure in 6 months without composting machine. If you want to ferment in a short period, we can recommend the compost turning equipment for manure management. With the help of this machine, it will only take about 20 days to ferment manure completely. Using the manure compost turner can improve a better fermentation condition for your manure. Thereby, the composting periods of manure will be shorten significantly. In addition, the in-vessel fermentation tank with aerobic fermentation will help you finish the manure composting within 7-10 days.