The cattle manure processing machines play an irreplaceable role in the production of organic fertilizer from cow dung. However, the selection of plant site is also crucial factory for building a cow dung production plant. Because the plant site will affect the investment cost of building cow dung production plant. On the one hand, you can consider building the plant near your cattle farm or close the cow dung. This way can not only help you save the costs of transporting cow dung, but also keep the employing workers down. At the same time, it also reduces the labor intensity of workers. On the other hand, there is no doubt that you should select the flat concrete ground as the plant site, which can prevent soil from cow dung pollution and make the processing machine for cattle manure run smoothly. In addition, in order to give a good living environment for people, you are supposed to build the cattle waste manufacturing plant far away from residential area. If you want to consult us about the selection of cow dung production location, we can give you professional suggestions. Please connect with us as soon as possible.


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