Different specifications of windrow compost turners have different composting width and depth. The SXLDF-2400 windrow composting equipment composts raw materials with a windrow width of 2.4m, a height of 0.6-1m. The windrow compost turner of SXLDF-2600 can meet your composting requirements of turning over 2.6 wide and 1.2m high raw materials. If you require to ferment raw materials with a width of 2.8m turning width and a depth of 1.4m, we can recommend the windrow composting machine of SXLDF-2800. What is the maximum composting width and depth of windrow composting  turning equipment? The windrow composting machine of SXLDF-3000 has maximum turning width and depth, which can ferment the windrow raw materials of 3m width and 1.5m height. In addition, when you have small amount of raw materials to ferment, the windrow compost turner of XZFPJ-2000 is your best choice. Its composting width can get 2m and height can reach 0.6-0.8m. What’s more, this specification is the most economical compared with other specifications. What are you waiting for? Please connect with our staff as soon as possible. If you want to read more information about our windrow composting machine, you can visit this webiste. Click here:  https://www.fertilizerfactorymachine.com/windrow-turner-for-sale/


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