Chicken Dung Processing Machine for Pelleting

When you want to produce organic fertilizer pellets from chook dung, the chook manure granulator is necessary in your fertilizer production. Using this machine can not only manage the chicken dung into organic fertilizer granules, but also solve the environment problems caused by the chicken litter. In general, the price of the machine is the main focus of investors and customers. We promised our factory will provide the chicken waste granulating equipment with the best price.


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On the one hand, the price of chicken manure granulator is related on it capacity. Generally speaking, the large the capacity of chook waste granulator, the more expensive the machine. What’s more, the capacity of the granulator should be chosen by the amount of chook manure you use. We will recommend the chicken feces granulator with the best proper capacity by the production information you provided. Furthermore, our chicken waste pelleting equipment can be customized. On the other hand, we will delivery the chook litter pelleting machine from our factory. That is to say, there is no dealers to make your money amid the process of purchasing chicken dung pelletizer. Moreover, our factory will offer the discount for the new customers. What are you waiting for ? Please contact with our service staff as soon as possible.

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