Swine farms of different scales have different processing machines for the pig manure, and their specifications and configurations are also diverse. As a professional fertilizer machinery manufacturer, we will design and plan the most appropriate pig dung organic fertilizer manufacturing line for your swine manure. The following content shows in detail the specification and configuration of pig dung processing machine used for the pig farms of 1000 pigs.

Processing Machine for the Swine Manure Production Plants
3D Diagram of Pig Waste Disposal System

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What types of processing machine can be required to dispose the swine dung from 1000 pigs?

The pig dung with 1000 pigs can be disposed the powdery organic fertilizer or swine manure fertilizer granules. Whether you want to process pig manure into powdery or granular organic fertilizer, the method can not only solve the problem the bad smell and harmful viruses caused by the swine feces, but also allow you to get the high profits from the organic fertilizer. You can choose the most suitable processing machine for the pig dung from your swine farms.

Dewatering Machine for Fresh Pig Dung

Screw Extrusion Dewatering Machine for Sale

In general, the fresh pig dung contains a certain moisture content. Whereas, the swine feces with high water content is not feasible for composting. Hence, the dewatering machine is necessary fertilizer machine in the pig dung organic fertilizer production. Using the dewatering machine can make the fresh pig dung with about 30% moisture content, which is available for smoothly making organic fertilizer composting from swine dung. When reduce the moisture content of the swine litter of 1000 pigs, the SXTS-180 solid-liquid separator machine is your wise choice.

Pig Manure Composting Machine

As a rule, the fresh pig litter involves lots of noxious bacteria that are harmful to the plants and crops. How to dispose the hazardous substance of swine waste with eco-friendly method ? Under the action of composting turning equipment, it can make the pig dung into available organic fertilizer. Because the pathogens and germs can be inactivated by the high temperature and microorganisms amid the processing of fermenting pig dung. Consequently, you can get the beneficial and feasible organic fertilizer from the swine waste. We can recommend the use of SXFP-3000 groove composting, crawler composting making equipment with SXLDF-2400 specification and XZFPJ-2000 self-propelled compost turner for the swine farms with 1000 pigs. By using the composting machine in the pig farms, it can shorten the fermentation period of swine dung, meanwhile, this machine will provide the swine dung with better composting conditions. Thereby, the pig farms of dung will be get the fermented perfectly and completely.

Groove Type Compost Turner

Pulverizing Machine for Composted Swine Waste

New Type Vertical Crusher for Pig Manure

With the help of grind equipment, the composted swine dung can be disposed into powdery organic fertilizer. In a general way, the finer the shredded pig feces powder, the better the quality of the swine litter organic fertilizer pellets produced. As a consequence, the machine is necessary for the granular pig dung fertilizer production line. In the line with the pig manure of 1000 pigs, we can recommend the SXDLF-600 new type vertical grinder and SXSF-90 semi-wet materials pulverizing equipment. The use of these two types of crushing machines will allow you to get 3-5t powdery organic fertilizer from the pig dung within one hour. By the way, if your budget is limited, the pig dung organic fertilizer powder can be used for fertilizer and sold in the market.

Swine Waste Granulating Machine

The pelleting equipment plays an indispensable role in the pig dung granules production. With the help of the machine, the powdery pig manure fertilizer can be disposed the quality organic fertilizer pellets. For the swine farms of 1000 pigs, we can recommend the disc granulating machine with SXYZ-3000 specification. The plate type of granules making machine adopts the design of radiant steel plates, which can smoothly operate amid the processing of making swine litter organic fertilizer granules. By the way, there is no need to employ the fixed anchor bolts when using the disk pelleting equipment. In addition, the new type organic pelletizer with SXJZ-1000 specification is also the wise choice for the pig farms of 1000 pigs. When you using this machine, you can get the swine waste granules with 20-25N strength. That is to say, the pellets produced by stirring teeth granulator is suitable for transporting and storing in a long time.

Rotary Drum Granulating Machine

Pulverizing Machine for Composted Swine Waste

Rotary Screening Machine

The screener machine is suitable for improving the quality of the finished organic fertilizer products, which is necessary equipment in the fertilizer production industry. On the one hand, its main function is to screen the unqualified swine dung organic fertilizer pellets into the re-granulation procedure. In other words, it is the feasible for taking full advantage of pig dung materials. On the other hand, using this machine can allow you to sieve out different sizes of finished pig litter fertilizer granules. That is to say, you can use the different qualities organic fertilizer granules to sell by product grade. When you want to dispose the pig litter from pig farms of 1000 pigs, the rotary drum screening machine with SXSG-1540 specification is your wise choice. In addition, if you want to customized sieving machine, we can satisfy your unique requirements.

Drying Machine for Granulated Pig Dung

After granulating, the pig dung granules may contain a certain moisture content which causes the granules to damp and even stick. Therefore, it is necessary to dry the water content of granular swine waste organic fertilizer. Aim at the swine farms of 1000 pigs, you can choose the rotary drum drying equipment with SXHG-1212 specification. What’s more, the drying equipment has the characteristics of easy operation, drying efficiency, stable operation, low energy consumption and convenient installation. Moreover, we can also provide the single bucket packing machine for the finished swine manure organic fertilizer granules. Using the automatic bagger machine in the granular pig dung fertilizer production not only improve the packing efficiency to a great extent, but also save the employing workers costs. At the same time, the use this machine can also improve the convenience of storage and transportation of swine dung organic fertilizer pellets.

Rotary Drying Machine for Sale

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